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Division of Planning
Statewide Planning & Research
Training & Technology Transfer

Research Review Sessions
Preparation Information for Principal Investigators

As the Principal Investigator, you are required to prepare a PowerPoint presentation for the review session. The department currently utilizes Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. A copy of the presentation must be submitted to the Research Section no later than one week prior to your scheduled date. Presentations should be emailed to Research@dot.state.oh.us. Presentation​s will be made available on the Research Section website for potential attendees to review and print prior to the scheduled meeting. Keep this in mind as you prepare your presentation and incorporate references to intellectual property and/or patentable products accordingly.

There is no standard template for the presentation. You may develop your presentation as you see fit. Regardless of the format of your presentation, at a minimum, the following items must be addressed:

  • A discussion on the project's progress since the last review
  • An overview of the work proposed for current and future quarters.
    • A current schedule of the remaining tasks to be performed must be included.
  • A discussion on the theoretical/analytical phases of the study.
  • Time must be allotted for questions and answers.

No more than 60 minutes will be allotted to your presentation. This includes time for questions and answers. Please keep the time restriction in mind as you prepare your information. In addition, mention of problems and delays during a review session does not constitute a request to modify the project's contract. Requests of this nature must be submitted to the Research Section in writing.

The Research Section will provide a laptop computer (with presentations preloaded) and a projector for the session. Requests for special audio/visual equipment (e.g., TV, VCR, etc.) must be submitted to the Research Section no later than one week prior to your scheduled date. If special software is necessary for your presentation, you must provide your own laptop for the presentation. Please notify the Research Section as soon as possible if you will be using your own equipment. Please note that the department's electronic information security policy restricts non-ODOT hardware, including flash drives, as read-only devices in ODOT computers. You will have access to the conference room 15 minutes prior to your scheduled presentation to prepare.


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 Evaluation Form


At the conclusion of a research review session, all attendees will be asked to complete an evaluation form and return it to the Research Section. The comments are compiled and forwarded to the Principal Investigator and technical liaisons with a copy placed in the project file. All comments are sent anonymously to encourage frankness. Principal Investigators may contact Research for clarification.