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Research Review Session 
Standard Structure

During the welcome and introduction portion of the review session, the Research Section will distribute handouts and a sign-in sheet will be circulated for attendance purposes.

During the project presentation portion of the review session, the Principal Investigator will give a detailed summary of tasks completed to date as well as an overview of future tasks. Participants will be given the opportunity to ask questions about the study.

During the implementation assessment portion of the review session, the Research Section will lead a discussion on the following items:

  • Anticipated outcomes from the research project.
    • Reviews the ultimate goal of the project and explains what could be accomplished by conducting the study. For example, provide new/revised specification/process, conduct a synthesis of best practices, develop policy, and so forth.
  • Potential influence and impact the implementation research results may have.
    • Clarifies if the research has implications that are locally, regionally, statewide, nationally, and so forth. Identifies specific groups that may be impacted from the results such as the sponsoring program office, districts, industry, traveling public, and so forth.
  • Identification of key players in the implementation of results.
    • Identifies the individuals and/or groups that will be responsible for and/or participate in conducting the steps necessary to implement the results.
    • Clarifies the need for assistance from the researcher in executing implementation steps.
  • Identification of items already or in the process of being implemented.
    • Answers the following questions for all items that implementation has already begun:
      • When did the implementation begin?
      • What steps have been taken in the implementation process?
      • Have any costs been incurred? If so, indicate the funding sources.
      • Who has participated in the implementation so far and to what extent?
      • What phase is the implementation currently in?
      • Have you experienced any obstacles? If so, how did you overcome them?
      • What are the remaining steps?
      • Who is responsible for the remaining steps?
      • Will any costs be incurred for the remaining steps to be completed? If so, provide a list and note the anticipated funding source.
  • Identification of items ready for implementation.
    • Answers the following questions for all items that are ready for implemention to begin:
      • What steps need to be taken?
      • Who are the key players needed for implementation to occur?
      • Who is responsible for the implementation?
      • What are the anticipated risks and obstacles to implementing these results? Provide strategies for overcoming these issues.
      • Will there be any costs associated with the implementation? If so, provide a list and note the anticipated funding sources.

While it is not expected for the Principal Investigator or Technical Liaisons to prepare a presentation on these items, it is expected that they will be prepared to participate in discussion on these topics.

During the contractual and administrative portion of the review session, the Research Section will provide a status update as it relates to the following items:

  • Status of contract
  • Budget and invoicing items
  • Deliverables and due dates

Please keep in mind that mentioning problems and delays during a review session does not constitute a request to modify a project's contract. Requests of this nature must be submitted to the Research Section in writing.


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