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​Final Reports by Category


Re-Rounding of Deflected Thermoplastic Conduit 135322Ohio University
Preliminary Evaluation of Cool-crete135020Ohio University
Stabilization of Peat Deposits for Roadway Construction and Remediation135027University of Akron
Implementation and Thickness Optimization of Perpetual Pavements in Ohio465970Ohio University
Assessment and Treatment of Sulfate-Bearing Soils in Ohio134703University of Akron
Evaluation of Alternative Methods of Temporary Traffic Control on Rural One-Lane, Two-Way Highways134846Texas A&M University
Development, Field Testing, and Implementation of Improved Bridge Parapet Designs134818Cleveland State University
Role of Sulfates on Highway Heave in Lake County, Ohio134694Bowling Green State University
Tack Coat Performance and Materials Study135097Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Analysis of Aggregate Pier Systems for Stabilization of Subgrade Settlement : Final Report134726University of Dayton
Performance Comparison of Abutment and Retaining Wall Drainage Systems135025University of Akron
Evaluation of Pave-IR Thermal Imaging for Asphalt Pavement Uniformity495059Ohio Department of Transportation
Instrumentation of the US Grant Bridge for Monitoring of Fabrication, Erection, In-Service Behavior, and to Support Management, Maintenance, and Inspection148050University of Cincinnati
Development of a Standard Specification for Horizontal Directional Drilling134628Bowling Green State University
Lab Testing of new Stabilization Chemical to Prevent Sulfate Heaving526980AOhio Department of Transportation
Identification and Evaluation of Pavement-Bridge Interface Ride Quality Improvement and Corrective Strategies134375Iowa State University
Shear Strength of Clay and Silt Embankments134319Ohio University
Construction of Flexible Pipe System Using Controlled Low Strength Material - Controlled Density Fill (CLSM-CDF)14649Ohio University
The Evaluation of Warranty Provisions on ODOT Construction Projects 14780University of Cincinnati