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Division of Planning
Statewide Planning & Research
Final Reports


A Comparison of the Seismic Full Waveform Inversion Techniques to Conventional Methods for the Detection of  Underground  Mine Voids506898Ohio Department of Transportation
Stabilization of Peat Deposits for Roadway Construction and Remediation135027University of Akron
Validation and Calibration of Finite Element of Forces in Wingwalls135085E.L. Robinson Engineering of Ohio
Assessment and Treatment of Sulfate-Bearing Soils in Ohio134703University of Akron
Rockfall Concrete Barrier Evaluation and Design Criteria134640University of Akron
Probabilistic Use of LiDAR Data to Detect and Characterize Landslides134609The Ohio State University
Analysis of Aggregate Pier Systems for Stabilization of Subgrade Settlement : Final Report134726University of Dayton
Incorporating Chemical Stabilization of the Subgrade in Pavement Design and Construction Practices134659Ohio University
Enhancement of UASLOPE for Improving Implementation Efficiency134934University of Akron
Bio-Engineering Techniques for Landslide Stabilization - Supplement134660The Ohio State University
Rock Mass Classification System: Transition from RMR to GSI134693Ohio University
Probabilistic Analysis Algorithm for UA SLOPE Software Program134710University of Akron
Performance Based Design of Laterally Loaded Drilled Shafts134709University of Akron
Development of a Standard Specification for Horizontal Directional Drilling134628Bowling Green State University
Development of Geotechnical Data Schema in Transportation134254University of Florida
Lab Testing of new Stabilization Chemical to Prevent Sulfate Heaving526980AOhio Department of Transportation
Evaluation of Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) for Use with Transportation Projects 134371The Ohio State University
Field Instrumentation, Monitoring of Drilled Shafts for Landslide Stabilization and Development of Pertinent Design Method134238University of Akron
Bio-Engineering for Land Stabilization134169The Ohio State University
Beneficial Utilization of Lime Sludge for Subgrade Stabilization: A Pilot Investigation134437Case Western Reserve University
Shear Strength of Clay and Silt Embankments134319Ohio University
Cone Penetrometer Equipped with Piezoelectric Sensors for Measurement of Soil Stiffness in Highway Pavement134185Case Western Reserve University
Development of a Rockfall Hazard Rating Matrix for the State of Ohio14782Kent State University
Inclinometer - Time-Domain Reflectometry Comparative Study14798Ohio University
MSE Wall and Reinforcement Testing at MUS-16-7.16 Bridge Site 14735University of Akron
Identifying Potential Collapse Features Under Highways14700Wright State University
Sonar Imaging of Flooded Subsurface Voids. Phase 1, Proof of Concept : Final Report 134301 The Ohio State University
Rock Slope Design Criteria134325Kent State University
Landslide Hazard Rating Matrix and Database134165University of Akron