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Division of Planning
Statewide Planning & Research
Final Reports


Evaluation of New or Emerging Remote Inspection Technologies for Conduits Ranging From 12" to 120" SpansOhio University135493
Development of a Pavement Marking Materials Matrix for ODOT District 11University of Akron134820
Longitudinal Joint Repair Best PracticesApplied Pavement Technology, Inc.135315
Storm Water BMP Tool Implementation Testing GS&P/OH Inc.135400
Cost-effective Uses of Lightweight Aggregate Made from Dredged Material in ConstructionKent State University135327
Protecting Piers of Overhead Structures from Degradation Due to Snow and Ice Chemical and Material UsageUniversity of Cincinnati135323
Evaluation of Partial Depth Pavement Repairs on Routes Heavily Traveled by Amish Horse and BuggiesOhio University135316
Effects of Tree Canopy on Pavement Condition, Safety and MaintenanceOhio University135320
Effective and Economical Cleaning of Pipes and UnderdrainsUniversity of Akron135314
Evaluation of Trench and Slotted Drain Maintenance and CleaningUniversity of Cincinnati135319
Evaluation of Maintenance Procedures for Bridge Spalling on Parapet WallsUniversity of Cincinnati135313
Evaluation of Post Flooding Shoulder ReconditioningUniversity of Akron135317
Cost Benefit Analysis for Culvert ReplacementGS&P/OH Inc.135302
Investigate Plow Blade OptimizationUniversity of Akron134817
Best Practices of Road User Maintenance Agreements Amongst Local Government Agencies in OhioOhio University135251
Evaluation of Roadway Subsurface Drainage on Rural RoutesOhio University135252
Effective and Efficient Roadside Ditch Cleaning Using BMP's for Erosion and Sediment ControlUniversity of Cincinnati135204
Assessment of Salt Procurement and Distribution ProcessesUniversity of Akron135246
Optimization of Salt Storage for County Garage FacilitiesOhio University134824
Evaluation of Alternative Methods of Temporary Traffic Control on Rural One-Lane, Two-Way HighwaysTexas A&M University134846
Evaluation of Box Culvert Maintenance MethodsUniversity of Akron134839
Evaluation of the Viking-Cives TowPlow for Winter MaintenanceUniversity of Akron134704
Bridge Trough Maintenance Evaluation on Finger Joint BridgesOhio University135049
Veteran's Glass City Skyway Ice Dashboard ImplementationUniversity of Toledo135032
Ice Prevention or Removal on the Veteran's Glass City Skyway CablesUniversity of Toledo134489
Implementation and Analysis of Snow Removal Wash Water Reuse ResearchUniversity of Akron134984
Implementation and Analysis of Epoke ResearchUniversity of Akron134932
Evaluation and Analysis of Liquid Deicers for Winter MaintenanceUniversity of Akron134933
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Salt Neutralizers for Washing Snow and Ice EquipmentUniversity of Akron134718
Evaluation of Winter Pothole Patching MethodsOhio University134724
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