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Division of Planning
Statewide Planning & Research
Final Reports


Development of a Pavement Marking Materials Matrix for ODOT District 11University of Akron134820
Evaluation of Partial Depth Pavement Repairs on Routes Heavily Traveled by Amish Horse and BuggiesOhio University135316
Evaluation of Trench and Slotted Drain Maintenance and CleaningUniversity of Cincinnati135319
Evaluation of Post Flooding Shoulder ReconditioningUniversity of Akron135317
Cost Benefit Analysis for Culvert ReplacementGS&P/OH Inc.135302
Investigate Plow Blade OptimizationUniversity of Akron134817
Best Practices of Road User Maintenance Agreements Amongst Local Government Agencies in OhioOhio University135251
Optimization of Salt Storage for County Garage FacilitiesOhio University134824
Evaluation of Alternative Methods of Temporary Traffic Control on Rural One-Lane, Two-Way HighwaysTexas A&M University134846
Evaluation of Box Culvert Maintenance MethodsUniversity of Akron134839
Evaluation of the Viking-Cives TowPlow for Winter MaintenanceUniversity of Akron134704
Bridge Trough Maintenance Evaluation on Finger Joint BridgesOhio University135049
Veteran's Glass City Skyway Ice Dashboard ImplementationUniversity of Toledo135032
Ice Prevention or Removal on the Veteran's Glass City Skyway CablesUniversity of Toledo134489
Implementation and Analysis of Snow Removal Wash Water Reuse ResearchUniversity of Akron134984
Implementation and Analysis of Epoke ResearchUniversity of Akron134932
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Salt Neutralizers for Washing Snow and Ice EquipmentUniversity of Akron134718
Evaluation of Winter Pothole Patching MethodsOhio University134724
Snow Removal Wastewater Disposal AlternativesUniversity of Akron134629
Evaluation of Renewable Energy Alternatives for Highway Maintenance FacilitiesUniversity of Cincinnati134706
Evaluation of Epoke(R) Bulk Spreader for Winter MaintenanceUniversity of Akron134651
Optimization of Patching for Spray Injection EquipmentUniversity of Akron134841
Enhancement of Winter Maintenance Material Ordering and InventoryWright State University134266
Effectiveness of RWIS Bridge Temperature SimulatorsOhio University134216
Risk Assessment & Update of Inspection Procedures for CulvertsOhio University14813
Effects of Highway Deicing Chemicals on Shallow Unconsolidated Aquifers in Ohio U.S.G.S. – United States Geological Survey14437
Field Evaluation of the CTCLS Series Traffic Signal Load Switches in the FieldOhio University14714
Evaluation of ODOT Roadway/Weather Sensor Systems for Snow & Ice Removal OperationsOhio University14758
Effectiveness of Crack Sealing on Pavement Serviceability and LifeUniversity of Cincinnati14738
Effectiveness of Asphalt Penetrating Sealers in Extending New Asphalt Pavement LifeApplied Research Associates, Inc.134702
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