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Division of Planning
Statewide Planning & Research
Final Reports


Development of a Pavement Marking Materials Matrix for ODOT District 11134820University of Akron
Evaluation of High Performance Pavement and Bridge Deck Wearing Surface Repair Materials134816Cleveland State University
Use of Crushed Recycled Glass in the Construction of Local Roadways135329University of Akron
Evaluation of Partial Depth Pavement Repairs on Routes Heavily Traveled by Amish Horse and Buggies135316Ohio University
Preliminary Evaluation of Cool-crete135020Ohio University
Dedolomitization and Alkali Reactions in Ohio-Sourced Dolostone Aggregates135267Bowling Green State University
Reduction of Bridge Deck Cracking through Alternative Material Usage135260University of Akron
Fundamental Evaluation of the Interaction between RAS/RAP and Virgin Asphalt Binders135143Ohio University
Evaluation of Low Temperature Cracking Resistance of WMA134822Ohio University
Influence of Warm Mix Asphalt on Aging of Asphalt Binders134707University of Akron
Role of Sulfates on Highway Heave in Lake County, Ohio134694Bowling Green State University
Tack Coat Performance and Materials Study135097Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Investigation of In-Situ Strength of Various Construction/Widening Methods Utilized on Local Roads134991Ohio University
Evaluation of Pave-IR Thermal Imaging for Asphalt Pavement Uniformity495059Ohio Department of Transportation
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Salt Neutralizers for Washing Snow and Ice Equipment134718University of Akron
Determining the Limitations of Warm Mix Asphalt by Water Injection in Mix Design, Quality Control and Placement134576University of Akron
Optimization of Patching for Spray Injection Equipment134841University of Akron
The Use of Atomic Force Microscopy to Evaluate Warm Mix Asphalt134626Ohio University
Lab Testing of new Stabilization Chemical to Prevent Sulfate Heaving526980AOhio Department of Transportation
A Comparison of Optical Gradation Analysis Devices to Current Test Methods134330Infrastructure Management & Engineering Inc.
Nighttime Visibility of 3M AWP and 3M 380WR ES Durable Tape under Dry, Wet, and Rainy Conditions134563University of Akron
Bioasphalt from Urban Yard Waste Carbonization -- A Student Study134464Case Western Reserve University
Mechanical Properties of Warm Mix Asphalt Prepared Using Foamed Asphalt Binders134476University of Akron
Forensic Investigation of AC and PCC Pavements with Extended Service Life134280Ohio University
A Simple Test Procedure for Evaluating Low Temperature Crack Resistance of Asphalt Concrete134260Ohio University
Performance Assessment of Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) Pavements 134312 Ohio University
Shear Strength of Clay and Silt Embankments134319Ohio University
Automated Laboratory Testing Methods for Specific Gravity and Absorption Verified to Match Current Methods 134302Infrastructure Management & Engineering Inc.
Continuing Investigation of Polishing and Friction Characteristics of Limestone Aggregate in Ohio134219University of Akron
Long Term Striping Alternatives for Bridge Decks134315University of Akron
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