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Division of Planning
Statewide Planning & Research
Final Reports


Street Intersection Characteristics and Their Impacts on Perceived Bicycling Safety135328The Ohio State University
Evaluation of Safety Practices for Short Duration Work Zones135201Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Evaluation for School Bus Stop Ahead Signs135200Toxcel, LLC
Evaluation of Grade Crossing Hazard Ranking Models135243Ohio University
Rockfall Concrete Barrier Evaluation and Design Criteria134640University of Akron
Evaluation of Alternative Methods of Temporary Traffic Control on Rural One-Lane, Two-Way Highways134846Texas A&M University
Veteran's Glass City Skyway Ice Dashboard Implementation135032University of Toledo
Ice Prevention or Removal on the Veteran's Glass City Skyway Cables134489University of Toledo
Evaluation of Ohio Work Zone Speed Zones Process134716Texas A&M University
Snow Removal Wastewater Disposal Alternatives134629University of Akron
Improving Work Zone Safety Through Speed Management134625Ohio University
Examination of Factors Associated in Motorcycle Crashes in Work Zones134627University of Akron
Development of a TL-3 Deep Beam Tubular Backup Bridge Rail134394Texas A&M University
Smart Sensor for Autonomous Noise Monitoring (SSAM)134370Applied Research Associates, Inc.
Crash Base Rates for Freeways/Reduction Strategies for Rear End Crashes Volume 2134230PDP & Associates
Crash Reduction Factors for Education and Enforcement Strategies in Ohio Volume 1 134220Ohio University
Development of an NCHRP Report 350 TL-3 New Jersey Shape 50-inch Portable Concrete Barrier134162Battelle Memorial Institute
Evaluation and Design of ODOT’s Type 5 Guardrail with Tubular Backup134161Battelle Memorial Institute
Development of Crash Reduction Factors14801University of Dayton
Human Factors Opportunities to Improve Ohio’s Transportation System134154Ohio University
Field Evaluation of Unlighted Overhead Guide Signs Using Older Drivers 14812 Ohio University
Rational Schedule of Base Accident Rates for Rural Highways in Ohio - Phase II14752Infrastructure Management & Engineering Inc.
Identification of Pavement Marking Colors14733Wright State University
Optimum Loop Placement That Balances Operational Efficiency and Dilemma Zone Protection 134433University of Cincinnati
Crash Base Rates for Intersections in Ohio 134166 University of Cincinnati