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Division of Planning
Statewide Planning & Research
Final Reports


Preliminary Evaluation of Cool-crete135020Ohio University
Synthesis of Research on Load Capacity of Concrete Slabs Without Plans135245University of Cincinnati
Reduction of Bridge Deck Cracking through Alternative Material Usage135260University of Akron
Development, Field Testing, and Implementation of Improved Bridge Parapet Designs134818Cleveland State University
Cracking Behavior of Structural Slab Bridge Decks134708University of Akron
Evaluation and Design of a TL-3 Bridge Guardrail System Mounted to Steel Fascia Beams134997RoadSafe LLC
Inspection, Repair, Retrofit Procedures, and Design Recommendations for Non-Redundant Steel Structures135031University of Cincinnati
Veteran's Glass City Skyway Ice Dashboard Implementation135032University of Toledo
Ice Prevention or Removal on the Veteran's Glass City Skyway Cables134489University of Toledo
Rock Mass Classification System: Transition from RMR to GSI134693Ohio University
LUC-2-1682 Anthony Wayne Bridge Main Cable Long Term Health Monitoring427318University of Toledo
Instrumentation of the US Grant Bridge for Monitoring of Fabrication, Erection, In-Service Behavior, and to Support Management, Maintenance, and Inspection148050University of Cincinnati
Uncontrolled Concrete Bridge Parapet Cracking134602Cleveland State University
Veteran's Glass City Skyway Solar Array Field Demonstration426835
Instrumentation of the Maumee River Crossing 426354 University of Cincinnati
Quantification of Cracks in Concrete Bridge Decks in Ohio District 3134564University of Akron
Structural Evaluation of LIC-310-0396 and FAY-35-17-6.82 Box Beams with Advanced Strand Deterioration134381Ohio University
Evaluation of Geofabric in Undercut on MSE Wall Stability134396Cleveland State University
Development of Degradation Rates for Various Bridge Types in the State of Ohio134258University of Cincinnati
Verification and Calibration of the Design Methods for Rock Socketed Drilled Shafts for Lateral Loads134348E.L. Robinson Engineering of Ohio
Prediction of Pile Set-Up for Ohio Soils134415Cleveland State University
Field Monitoring of Scour Critical Bridges: A Pilot Study of Time Domain Reflectometry For Real-Time Automatic Scour Monitoring Systems134374Case Western Reserve University
Development of a TL-3 Deep Beam Tubular Backup Bridge Rail134394Texas A&M University
Forces on Wingwalls from Thermal Expansion of Skewed Semi-Integral Bridges134267Ohio University
Field Monitoring of Scour Critical Bridges: A Pilot Study of Time Domain Reflectometry Real Time Automatic Bridge Scour Monitoring System134374Case Western Reserve University
Effectiveness of Noise Barriers Installed Adjacent to Transverse Grooved Concrete Pavement 134365Ohio University
Verification of ODOT's Load Rating Analysis Programs for Metal Pipe and Arch Culverts134225The Ohio State University
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Strategic Initiative 9 Pilot Bridge Concepts 148110University of Cincinnati
Structural Health Monitoring of HAN-30-0295 Highway Bridge134239Ohio Northern University
An Over-Height Collision Protection System of Sandwich Polymer Composites Integrated with Remote Monitoring for Concrete Bridge Girders134142University of Akron
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