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Division of Planning
Statewide Planning & Research

​Active Projects

To narrow your search via Project Type (i.e., Aerial, Hydraulics, Maintenance) or Research Agency (i.e., Ohio University, USGS)  use the pull down menu under the Project Type Research Agency columns.

Project Type
Operation & Maintenance of a Statewide Crest-Stage Stream Gauging Network in Ohio134141HydraulicsU.S.G.S. – United States Geological Survey
Evaluation of the Vikings-Cives TowPlow for Winter Maintenance134704MaintenanceUniversity of Akron
Evaluation of Support Inspection Program134677TrafficMistras Group
Assessment and Treatment of Sulfate-Bearing Soils in Ohio134703ConstructionUniversity of Akron
Structures Research Services134690StructuresOhio University
Evaluation of Traffic Flow Analysis and Road User Cost Tools Applied to Work Zones134719Roadway, TrafficCleveland State University
Development of an Automated System for QC/QA of Asphalt and Aggregate Materials134705MaterialsUniversity of Akron
Comparison and Testing of Various Noise Wall Materials134697EnvironmentalOhio University
Effectiveness of Asphalt Penetrating Sealers in Extending New Asphalt Pavement Life134702Maintenance, Materials, PavementsApplied Research Associates, Inc.
Evaluation of Ohio Work Zone Speed Zones Process134716Roadway, Safety, TrafficTexas A&M University
Influence of Warm Mix Asphalt on Aging of Asphalt Binders134707Materials, PavementsUniversity of Akron
Cracking Behavior of Structural Slab Bridge Decks134708StructuresUniversity of Akron
Mining Vehicle Classifications from the Columbus Metropolitan Freeway Management System134696PlanningThe Ohio State University
Bridge Condition Assessment and Load Rating Using Dynamic Response134695StructuresYoungstown State University
Role of Sulfates on Highway Heaving in Lake County, Ohio134694Construction, MaterialsBowling Green State University
Impact of Lakeside Subsidence on Benchmark Reliability134692AerialThe Ohio State University
Ice Prevention or Removal on the Veteran's Glass City Skyway Cables134489Maintenance, Safety, StructuresUniversity of Toledo
Probabilistic Use of LiDAR Data to Detect and Characterize Landslides134609GeotechnicalThe Ohio State University
Managing Transportation Assets: Development of Enabling Decision Support Tools134639PlanningUniversity of Toledo
Rockfall Concrete Barrier Evaluation and Design Criteria134640Geotechnical, Roadway, SafetyUniversity of Akron
Incorporating Chemical Stabilization of the Subgrade in Pavement Design and Construction Practices134659StructuresOhio University
Traffic Data for Integrated Project-Level PM2.5 Conformity Analysis134662Environmental, PlanningUniversity of Cincinnati
Implementation and Thickness Optimization of Perpetual Pavements in Ohio465970Construction, PavementsOhio University
Evaluation of Optional and/or Replacement Concrete Sealers526980MaterialsOhio Department of Transportation
Polymeric Thermochromic Dye for Improvement of Asphalt Pavement Durability134661Materials, PavementsCase Western Reserve University
Creation of a Customer Relations Development System134722PlanningApplied Engineering Management Corp.
Assessment of ODOT's Conduit Service Life Prediction Methodology134725HydraulicsOhio University
Analysis of Aggregate Pier Systems for Stabilization of Subgrade Settlement134726Construction, Geotechnical, PavementsUniversity of Dayton
Procedures for Waste Management from Street Sweeping and Storm Water Systems134731Environmental, HydraulicsUniversity of Akron
Evaluation of GPS/AVL Systems for Snow & Ice Operations Resource Management134740MaintenanceUniversity of Akron
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