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Research, Development & Technology Transfer (RD&T2)
Manual of Procedures

Chapter 1 - General


Chapter 1General includes general information about the ODOT research program. Identifies those who most benefit from the program and the types of agencies that conduct research as well as various funding sources for the program.

Chapter 2Roles and Responsibilities identifies and outlines the responsibilities of the various offices and staff within ODOT as well as those outside of ODOT who participate in the program.

Chapter 3 – Program Development: National describes the process for ODOT’s participation in national level research activities.

Chapter 4 - Program Development: Local describes processes for identifying research needs and developing a strategic research plan to address Ohio specific needs. Discusses the development and evaluation of research problem statements, proposals and the SP&R Part 2 Work Program. Includes an anticipated time line for developing the program up to project initiation.

Chapter 5 - Project Management describes ODOT’s oversight and management of research projects. Outlines requirements for reporting and presenting on project by researchers and ODOT staff. Discusses legal requirements and procedures for requesting contract modifications, submitting invoices and inventorying equipment.

Chapter 6 - Implementation discusses the process used to capture the results of research. Outlines the process for tracking implementation activities of beneficial findings.

Chapter 7 - Technology Transfer outlines activities that lead up to the adoption of new or improved techniques or products by users. Identifies ways, means, and resources available to assist in disseminating information, demonstrating use, training, and other means of implementing a new technology.

Appendix A - References provides information on various sections of law, rules, and regulations cited within or pertaining to matter contained in this Manual.

Appendix B - Standard Research Agreements provides the templates for the contract addendum and the five agreements used to contract for research projects utilizing SP&R2 funds.

Appendix C - Figures that are referenced throughout this Manual are provided in this Appendix. All figures are in chronological order as they are referenced.