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Research, Development & Technology Transfer (RD&T2)
Manual of Procedures

Chapter 4 - Program Development: Local


FHWA's requirements for "Research, Development and Technology Transfer Program Management" are set forth in 23 CFR 420. State work program requirements are set forth in 23 CFR Section 420.207 as follows:

(a) The State's RD&T work program must, as a minimum, consist of a description of RD&T activities to be accomplished during the program period, estimated costs for each eligible activity, and a description of any cooperative activities including the State DOT’s participation in any transportation pooled fund studies and the NCHRP. The State DOT’s work program should include a list of the major items with a cost estimate for each item. The work program should also include any study funded under a previous work program until a final report has been completed for the study.

(b) The State DOT’s RD&T work program must include financial summaries showing the funding levels and share (Federal, State, and other sources) for RD&T activities for the program year. State DOT’s are encouraged to include any activity funded 100 percent with State or other funds for information purposes.

(c) Approval and authorization procedures in Sec. 420.115 are applicable to the State DOT’s RD&T work program.

IRIS prepares the RD&T portion (Part 2) of the State Planning and Research (SP&R) work program on an annual basis. The SP&R2 work program includes proposed and active research projects that utilize SP&R2 funds. It incorporates strategic research plan projects, OPREP projects, student studies, transportation pooled funds studies, contributions to NCHRP and TRB, and contingency funding for ongoing and emergency projects. Included in the work program are general descriptions, project information, and estimated costs for these projects. While finalizing the annual work plan; multi-year projects are reviewed to determine whether they are progressing effectively and productively, and should continue as originally planned.

The SP&R2 work program provides the basis for approval by FHWA to fund the various research activities and projects. Once approved by Executive Leadership, the program is forwarded to FHWA for review and approval. When approval is received from FHWA, ODOT may proceed with projects listed in the program. Modifications can be made to the work program throughout the year; however, FHWA approval is required for significant changes to the work program. For more information on the process for modifying the SP&R2 work program, see Section