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Research, Development & Technology Transfer (RD&T2)
Manual of Procedures

Chapter 6 - Implementation


A major goal of research is to provide results that can be successfully implemented. This starts with the drafting of problem statements, which will emphasize the goals of the research and indicate success criteria for judging the outcome. Proposals are required to address the potential application of anticipated research results. Final reports include recommendations for implementation as well as drafts of policy statements, specifications, standard drawings, test procedures, and so forth needed for implementation as appropriate.

Actual implementation does not need to be delayed until the research is totally complete or the final report prepared. At any stage where a project is close to producing results, the Subject Matter Expert (SME) should evaluate findings for possible early implementation. If deemed feasible, the SME should work with IRIS to prepare an implementation plan to ensure effective and timely application of the research results throughout ODOT. Implementation of project recommendations, products, etc., be they interim or final, are at the discretion of ODOT.

Results of research projects will be monitored and evaluated by IRIS, the SME, and sponsoring Office Administrator(s). A record of implementation activities will also be made as activities occur. Progress reports will be managed by IRIS, who in turn will inform interested parties.