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Research, Development & Technology Transfer (RD&T2)
Manual of Procedures

Chapter 6 - Implementation


IRIS will utilize the information provided in the implementation plan (see Section 6.4) and implementation progress reports (see Figure 19) to prepare various reports concerning the impacts and advancements resulting from research projects. Additional assistance may be requested from program Office Administrators and SMEs to provide supplemental information as needed.


At the end of each fiscal year, IRIS will prepare a summary of implementation progress. This summary will include the following items:

  • Discuss implementation decisions/activities which occurred during the given fiscal year on completed and/or active projects.
  • Highlight implementation on the horizon in regards to:
    • active projects that are showing good potential for implementation, and
    • proposed projects that are probable candidates for implementation.
  • Address research being conducted in other states that could potentially be beneficial to Ohio.

The annual summary will be distributed to the Director, Assistant Directors, and FHWA. The report will also be available on the IRIS website. An email notification with a link to the report will be sent to all Deputy Directors, Office Administrators, and research managers at other state DOTs.


IRIS will develop and maintain a historical record of research project implementation activity. This report will contain an overall summary of the benefits from conducting research as well as a synopsis for each research project. The implementation plan and the latest progress report for each project will also be included in the report as available.

Projects will be included in the historical report once an implementation plan has been developed. Every three years the report will be thoroughly reviewed and updated, in its entirety, for the purposes of long-term tracking of implementation progress and determination of overall benefits. A summary of significant findings will be provided following each update.