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Maritime Assistance Program​

The Ohio Department of Transportation released a Request for Application for the Maritime Assistance Program (MAP) on January 27th, 2020. The final round of MAP starts June 30th, 2020.  

Applications should be submitted at A detailed description of program and application requirements can be found below. Applications will be accepted through August 28th, 2020. Any questions should be emailed to and answers to all questions will be posted on this website.


 Maritime Assistance Program Files

Appendix A - Maritime Assistance Program Applicant Certification Statement.pdf
MAP Business Justification Outline.pdf
MAP Project Agreement Template.pdf
MAP Project Evaluation Form.pdf
Maritime Assistance Program QA - 03-18-2020.pdf
MAP Final Request For Application (RFA) solicitation June 2020.pdf

Ohio Maritime Strategy​

Ohio's Maritime Strategy will inform the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) as it seeks to leverage Ohio's maritime transportation system (MTS) to enable economic competitiveness and growth. In developing the strategy, ODOT intends to answer the following questions:

  1. What asset and services comprise Ohio's MTS?
  2. Who are the existing and potential users of Ohio's MTS?
  3. What are options for ODOT's role in maritime freight transportation, including policies, plans, and actions?

A series of seven working papers aim to answer these questions to determine a maritime strategy for Ohio. Below are the working papers and the final maritime strategy. 


 Maritime Strategy Documents

Ohio Maritime Strategy.pdf
WP 1 - Ohio's Maritime Transportation System (MTS).pdf
WP 2 - Governance of Ohio's Maritime Transportation System.pdf
WP 3 - Role of MTS in Ohio Economy.pdf
WP 4 - MTS Demand and Associated Requirements.pdf
WP 5 - Options for Expanding Use of Ohio MTS.pdf
WP 6 - MTS Support Programs in other Jurisdictions.pdf
WP 7 - Ohio MTS Strategy.pdf



Mark Locker