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Division of Planning
Statewide Planning & Research
State Planning & Research - Part 1

The State Planning & Research (SPR) program is a federally required program used to fund transportation planning and research in Ohio. Funding comes from a 2% set aside of Ohio’s apportionments from the:

  1. National Highway Performance Program (NHPP)
  2. Surface Transportation Block Grant Program (STBG)
  3. Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP)
  4. Congestion Mitigation Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ)
  5. National Highway Freight Program

Of the 2% set aside for the SPR Program, 25% goes to research activities (SPR Part 2). The other 75% goes to planning activities (SPR Part 1). This website covers the SPR Part 1 program.




Andrew Shepler
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