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Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP)

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 STIP Related Documents & Websites


 MPO & RTPO Websites for TIP Information


 2018-2021 STIP SLI Grouped Project Reports (Appendix 5)

2018-2021 STIP Appendix 5 as of 2017-07-23.pdf
2018-2021 STIP Appendix 5 as of 2017-08-30.pdf
2018-2021 STIP Appendix 5 as of 2017-10-04.pdf
2018-2021 STIP Appendix 5 as of 2017-11-15.pdf
2018-2021 STIP Appendix 5 as of 2018-01-05.pdf

 2018-2021 STIP Approved FHWA Amendments

STIP AM 01 Proj List_FHWA Approved 2017-07-18.pdf
STIP AM 02 Proj List_FHWA Approved 2017-10-02.pdf
STIP AM 03 Proj List _FHWA Approved 2018-01-09.pdf

 2018-2021 STIP Approved FTA Amendments

STIP AM 01 Approval Ltr_FTA 2017-10-05.pdf
STIP AM 01 Proj List_FTA Approved 2017-10-05.pdf
STIP AM 02 Approval Ltr_FTA 2018-01-18.pdf
STIP AM 02 Proj List_FTA Approved 2018-01-18.pdf

 2018-2021 STIP as approved July 1, 2017

2018-2021 STIP.pdf2018-2021 STIP
2018-2021 STIP Appendix 3.pdf2018-2021 STIP Appendix 3 (MPO & RTPO Resolutions)
2018-2021 STIP Appendix 4.pdf2018-2021 STIP Appendix 4 (Carry Forward List)
2018-2021 STIP Appendix 5.pdf2018-2021 STIP Appendix 5 (SLI Grouped Projects List)
2018-2021 STIP Appendix 6.pdf2018-2021 STIP Appendix 6 (Project List)
2018-2021 STIP USDOT Approval Letter.pdf2018-2021 STIP USDOT Approval Letter