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Division of Planning
Office of Technical Services
ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) Data/Statewide Digital Data
Files recently updated October 2013
(Ohio State Plane South NAD 83 Meters)

If you need a viewer, visit the following sites:

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David Blackstone
Transportation Information Management(614) 466-2594

BaseMap Data ESRI Viewer Format Documentation
​Boundaries shapefile Available soon
Bridge​ shapefile​ ​Available soon
​Destape ​shapefile Available soon
Facilities ​shapefile ​Available soon
​GeoTech ​shapefile Available soon
​Hydro ​shapefile ​Available soon
Local Road Inventory​ shapefile Roadway Information Manual
​Municipal Road Inventory ​shapefile Roadway Information Manual
​State Road Inventory shapefile Roadway Information Manual
​Linear Referencing System shapefile Roadway Information Manual
​MPO shapefile ​Available soon
​Other shapefile ​Available soon
​Points of Interest ​shapefile ​Available soon
​Rail shapefile ​Available soon