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Road Profiling (Ride Quality)

Road Profiling is the use of a technology that measures road roughness as well as methods for analyzing and interpreting data for ride quality. Software, such as ODOT's use of ProVal, assist engineers in the analysis of a road profile — a two-dimensional slice of the road surface. And vans, like the one pictured to the right, are mobile labs with collection and analysis equipment on board.

ODOT certifies staff to be profilers and profiler operators. The collection and analysis of Road Profiling data is sensitive, and those trained to use the equipment and software (ProVAL) are expected to be up-to-date and trained in the latest techniques and methodologies. The links below lead to documentation and websites dedicated to the field of Road Profiling.




Brian Schleppi
Infrastructure Management
(614) 752-5745

Road Profiling equipment van
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