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Division of Planning
Office of Technical Services
Skid Testing

Infrastructure Management staff operate two skid test units or skid trucks that measure the friction between rubber tires and pavement on wet roads. Skid test units consist of a one-ton crew cab pickup pulling a specially designed two-wheel trailer. The truck travels down the road to be tested at a steady velocity, almost always 40 MPH. At the appropriate time the system is activated and the automatic skid cycle commences. Water is pumped out in front of the trailer test tire. In ODOT's case, this is the left tire. A very powerful braking system locks this wheel and sensitive instruments measure the horizontal and vertical forces acting on this tire.

Click here to view a video demonstrating skid testing.

Request a Skid Test, by filling out the form below. Depending on workload, crew availability, and maintenance factors with the truck, scheduling of skid testing can usually be made within a couple weeks. The data is then processed in the office and sent to the requesting agency shortly thereafter. Priorities are given to  requests deemed extremely important or emergencies.




​Brian Schleppi
Infrastructure Management
(614) 752-5746


 When to Request a Skid Test


You are welcome to request a skid test for reasons other than below, but these are the most common examples:

  • At sites where there have been a number of wet weather accidents.
  • Sometimes in fatal accidents, lawsuits are involved and the available friction of the road is called into question.
  • If repaving and the surface looks suspect.
  • With a new or unfamiliar mix to verify a safe surface.
  • After treating the road with preventative application or using a thin overlay such as a Fog Seal or Microsurface. (Often, we can come in and test the road before the application then continue to test it afterwards to chart the effect of the treatment on the surface friction.)
  • Choosing between several roads to rehabilitate or replace. (Skid data can be a tie-breaker between sections that have otherwise similar scores — PCR, Ride Number.)
  • To research the long term effects certain materials or mix designs have on friction characteristics.

To request a Skid Test, contact Brian Schleppi, information above.