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Warren County
2013 Survey Report Flow Map
2010 Survey Report Flow Map
2006 Survey Report Flow Map
2002 Survey Report Flow Map
1999 Survey Report *
1997 Survey Report *
1994 Survey Report *
1990 Survey Report *
1986 Survey Report *
1982 Survey Report *

*No corresponding flow map exists.

Traffic Survey Report Key
SECT. BEGINSTraffic section beginning.
TRAFFIC SECTION Intersecting road section description.
SECT. LENGTH Traffic section length in miles.
PASS & A COM’L “Cars.” Includes motorcycles, passenger cars, panel (4-tire) and pick-up trucks. FHWA “Scheme F” Classes 1-3.
B & C COM’L “Trucks.” All other vehicles including single unit trucks, tractor with semi-trailers, trucks with trailers, recreational vehicles, and school and commercial buses. FHWA “Scheme F” Classes 4-13.
TOTAL VEH. Total number of vehicles ((PASS & A COM’L) + (B&C COM’L)).
U Sections inside incorporated municipalities.
See Preferred Route – Where two or more routes overlap. Traffic is shown on the lower numbered Interstate, US and State Highways.