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Charles Peyton: 1935-2014; Ex-Waterville mayor headed TARTA boardtoledoBlade.com10/31/2014Toledo TARTAUrban
WRTA shows off new buseswkbn.com10/30/2014Youngstown WRTAUrban
Top official: What you have to do in order to land business with General Electricbizjournals.com/cincinnati10/30/2014Cincinnati Metro SORTAUrban
Traffic cameras bust public vehicleswkyc.com10/30/2014Cleveland RTAUrban
RTA is ready for busier Clevelandwkyc.com10/29/2014Cleveland RTAUrban
Consultant suggests 2016 for COTA sales-tax renewaldispatch.com10/28/2014Columbus COTAUrban
Rezoning request to have public hearingthisweeknews.com10/28/2014Columbus COTAUrban
Laketran agrees to longer-term restoration of Saturday Dial-a-Ride servicesnews-herald.com10/28/2014LaketranUrban
Who will operate the streetcar daily?cincinnati.com10/28/2014Cincinnati Metro SORTAUrban
Rossford TARTA dispute heats upsent-trib.com10/28/2014Toledo TARTAUrban
Metro partners with renowned photographer to add art in bus stopsbizjournals.com/cincinnati10/28/2014Cincinnati Metro SORTAUrban
Here’s a look at recent streetcar progress, which roads you should avoid: PHOTOSbizjournals.com/cincinnati10/27/2014Cincinnati Metro SORTAUrban
Transportation Insider: Revenue, transit needs don’t intersectdispatch.com10/27/2014Columbus COTAUrban
Transportation Insider: Revenue, transit needs don’t intersectdispatch.com10/27/2014PolicyUrban, Rural
Ohio Department of Transportation report: Double transportation budgetwcpo.com10/26/2014PolicyRural, Urban
TARTA issue drives Rossford to pollssent-trib.com10/25/2014Toledo TARTAUrban
Here's how many people would favor a sales tax increase for better bus servicebizjournals.com/cincinnati10/24/2014Cincinnati Metro SORTAUrban
EXCLUSIVE: Urban Sites considers development near streetcar linebizjournals.com/cincinnati10/24/2014Cincinnati Metro SORTAUrban
Hartmann: Metro tax would be 'sure loser'cincinnati.com10/24/2014Cincinnati Metro SORTAUrban
Opinions on RTA paratransit service vary from 'mess' to 'very accommodating'cleveland.com10/24/2014Cleveland RTAUrban
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