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 Rural Intercity Bus Program


 Rural Intercity Bus Program Overview


The Ohio Rural Intercity Bus Program (Section 5311(f)) is designed to address the intercity bus transportation needs of the entire state by supporting projects that provide transportation between non-urbanized areas and urbanized areas that result in connections of greater regional, statewide, and national significance.

 The purpose of the Section 5311(f) funding is to provide supplemental financial support to transit operators and to facilitate the most efficient and effective use of available federal funds in support of intercity bus service in rural areas. 

 Section 5311(f) specifies eligible intercity bus activities to include “planning and marketing for intercity bus transportation, capital grants for intercity bus shelters, joint-use stops and depots, operating grants through purchase-of-service agreements, user-side subsidies and demonstration projects, and coordination of rural connections between small public transportation operations and intercity bus carriers.”  Capital assistance may be provided to purchase vehicles or vehicle related equipment such as wheelchair lifts for use in intercity service.  Charter and tour services are not eligible for assistance under this program.

Please contact Alex Ewers at alexander.ewers@dot.ohio.gov or 614-728-5629, for questions and additional information.



 Rural Intercity Bus Advisory Committee (RIBAC)

The Rural Intercity Bus Advisory Committee (RIBAC) is a committee established to advise ODOT in the administration and implementation of the Statewide Rural Intercity Bus Program.  The RIBAC is charged with providing a statewide perspective to adequately represent the intercity needs of all of Ohio.  The committee, consisting of seven members, typically meets approximately once every quarter. Previous Meetings:

·    December 10, 2018
       o   ODOT Central Office
       o   10:00AM-12:00PM

·    April 12, 2019
       o   ODOT Central Office
       o   12:00PM-2:00PM

 ·   May 30, 2019
       o   ODOT Central Office 
       o   10:00AM-12:00PM

·    October 2, 2019
      o   ODOT Aviation Building
      o   12:00PM-2:00PM 

·    October 15, 2019 
     o   ODOT Central Office
     o   9:00AM-11:00AM
 Upcoming Meetings:
·    November 20, 2019
     o   ODOT Central Office 
     o   12:30PM-1:30PM