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FY 2016 Specialized Transportation Program Application

Applications are now being accepted for transportation grant requests for:

  • Vehicles
  • Computer Hardware/Software
  • Communications Equipment
  • Capitalized Maintenance
  • Mobility Management

Section 5310 funds are available for capital expenses to support the provision of transportation services to meet the specific needs of seniors and individuals with disabilities. Projects must primarily serve residents of small urbanized and/or rural areas. Contact ODOT with any questions concerning eligibility for funding prior to submitting an application.

Applications must be submitted no later than Friday, November 20, 2015.

Be aware that public notices (if required for your application) must be published to the local newspaper with the widest circulation no later than November 6, 2015. You will be required to attach all public notice documentation prior to submitting the application.

Required documents you will need prior to submitting the application:

  • A list of members of your Board and with whom they are affiliated (for non-profit applicants)
  • A letter from the transit system in your area explaining how your two agencies will work together or verifying the transit system's inability to meet your clients' needs. (If applicable)
  • A letter from the Mobility Manager in your area explaining how your agency will coordinate with them to meet your clients' needs. (If applicable)
  • Table of organization
  • If applying for vehicles, computer hardware/software, and/or communications equipment: Affidavit of publication and original public notice, dated copy of letter mailed to agencies in your area (only applies to non-profit applicants), and correspondence resulting from notice. (All documents must be submitted together as one PDF.) Public notices must be published to the local newspaper with the widest circulation by November 6. A sample public notice is included in the application.
  • If applying for vehicles: Vehicle Cost Worksheet(s)

The following documents require a signature and will have to be attached to the end of the application prior to submittal:

The following documents will also have to be attached at the end of the application prior to submittal, however these documents do not require a signature:

All project selections are contingent upon documentation showing compliance with Title VI. Agencies that receive preliminary funding approval must prepare and submit written Title VI Programs that comply with FTA requirements. Instructions for preparing a Title VI Program may be found in the Title VI Program Requirements for ODOT Transit Subrecipients document. ODOT will work with you to make your Title VI Program compliant. Agencies that have previously been awarded ODOT funding should make every effort to submit their Title VI Programs with their applications.

All capitalized maintenance and mobility management project selections are contingent upon ODOT's review and approval of documentation showing compliance with 2 CFR 200 (the "SuperCircular"). Information about the required documents, as well as templates, are available on ODOT's Transit System Audit Materials page (in the ODOT Office of External Audits Guidance section. ODOT's audit staff will work with you if you need assistance - see the contact information at the bottom of the Transit System Audit Materials page. If you already have your 2 CFR 200 compliance documents, you should submit them at the time of application. You should also email your documentation to Michael Miller for review and approval.

You may access the application at the link below. You are encouraged to review your application before submitting, as you will be unable to revise the application once it has been submitted. As you are working on the application you will be able to save it and come back to it as needed (within 30 days from when you began).

Specialized Transportation Program Application


 Projects Primarily Serving Residents of Large Urban Areas


‚ÄčEach large urban area receives its own apportionment of Section 5310 funding from the Federal Transit Administration. Therefore, projects primarily serving residents of one or more large urban areas are not eligible for ODOT's Specialized Transportation Program.

The Governor designates one or more recipients of Section 5310 funding in each large urban area, and each Designated Recipient operates its own program for awarding Section 5310 funds.

Although urban area boundaries do not follow county boundaries, ODOT considers the entirety of each county listed below to be "large urban". Applicants with projects primarily serving the residents of one or more of these counties should contact the Designated Recipient of Section 5310 funds in these counties for more information on how to apply for funding.




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Transit Manager
(614) 466-7456

Macie Legge
Data Coordinator
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