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FY 2017 Specialized Transportation (5310) Program Letters of Intent

Note: A letter of intent must be completed prior to gaining access to the application. If a letter of intent is not received by the due date, projects will not be considered for funding.

Deadline: May 20, 2016

Purpose of Grant: The purpose of the 5310 program is to enhance the mobility of seniors and individuals with disabilities by removing barriers to transportation services and expanding the transportation services planned, designed, and carried out to meet the special transportation needs of seniors and individuals with disabilities. Seniors are defined as any person age 65 or above and the term disability means, with respect to an individual - (a) a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities of such individual; (b) a record of such an impairment; or (c) being regarded as having such an impairment.

Eligible Project Service Areas: Projects must serve seniors and persons with disabilities in small urbanized or rural areas. See the bottom of the Specialized Transportation Program page for a list of counties that are NOT considered small urbanized or rural.

Eligible Applicants: Eligible subrecipients for Section 5310 funding are: 

a. a private nonprofit organization; or
b. a state or local government authority that:

  1. is approved by a state to coordinate services for seniors and individuals with disabilities; or
  2. certifies that there are no nonprofit organizations readily available in the are to provide the service. Governmental authorities eligible to apply for Section 5310 funds as “coordinators of services for seniors and individuals with disabilities” are those designated by the state to coordinate human service activities in a particular area (i.e. county agency on aging or a public transit provider which the state has identified as the lead agency to coordinate transportation services funded by multiple federal or state human service programs).

c. public or private operators of public transportation services. To be considered public transportation, the entity must provide shared-ride service, meaning two or more passengers in the same vehicle who are otherwise not traveling together. Every trip does not have to be shared-ride for the entity to be considered a shared-ride operator, but the general nature of the service must include shared rides.

Subrecipients of Section 5310 funds must certify that projects selected for funding under the program are included in a locally developed, coordinated public transit-human service transportation plan and that plan was developed and approved through a process that included participation by seniors; individuals with disabilities; representatives of public, private, nonprofit transportation and human service providers; and other members of the public. A locally developed, coordinated public transit-human services transportation plan (“coordinated plan”) identifies the transportation needs of individuals with disabilities, seniors, and people with low incomes; provides strategies for meeting those local needs; and prioritizes transportation services and projects for funding and implementation. The agency leading the planning process is decided locally. 

Eligible Projects: Accessible vehicles, computer hardware/software and equipment to support vehicles that serve the program purpose, capitalized (vehicle) maintenance for 5310 funded vehicles and mobility management.

Instructions: The letter of intent is used to select qualified recipients for the Section 5310 program. The submission and acceptance of a letter of intent does not guarantee the applicant will receive funding. Applicants will be notified if they are not eligible for funding. Applications will not be accepted that do not have a letter of intent. Access the Letter of Intent Form

Complete all areas of the letter of intent form as instructed below: 

Applicant Information: Please list the contact information (name, phone number, email) for the individual who is to be contacted concerning the grant and the information of the agency that will be receiving the projects.

Project Information: Please identify whether or not the project(s) being requested are included in a locally developed, coordinated public transit-human service transportation plan. You will be required to submit documentation that verifies your project(s) are included in a coordinated plan with your official grant proposal. Finally, please explain your project request(s) in detail. What do you wish to apply for? How will you implement this project? Who are the key staff involved in the implementation of the project? How will the 5310 objectives in your area be met with the funding? 

Confirmation of submission will be received via email to the email provided on the form. If no confirmation has been received following submission, contact ODOT at (614) 728-9609 or Email: macie.legge@dot.ohio.gov.

Questions? Please contact Macie Legge at macie.legge@dot.ohio.gov or (614) 728-9609.




Skip Dunkle
Transit Manager
(614) 466-7456

Macie Legge
Program Coordinator (Interim)
(614) 728-9609