Transit Riders Tell Us Where to Go

Last November we asked transit riders across Ohio to share their experiences when riding public transit. Thanks to the great help of Ohio's transit agencies, 5,500 surveys were collected either in person or online, with respondents representing nearly every transit system in the state.


The findings underscore how public transportation is a lifeline to its customers. The majority of respondents have no other means of transportation and ride it frequently, getting to and from work, doctor's appointments and the local store. Riders voiced strong support for more service, more often, going to more places. Customers using dial-a-ride services want to be able to reserve their trips with less advance notice. See RiderSurveyDraftReport for the full report.

State & Local Leaders Weigh In, Too

We also interviewed leaders of rider, business and environmental advocacy groups, transit systems, medical service providers, human service agencies, metropolitan planning commissions, and other institutions that have experience with transit customers and their needs.


Many of the representatives from medical and human service organizations requested more transit service but also advised that more and better coordination is needed. In many counties there are multiple publicly-funded transportation providers, but each has different funding sources and regulations to follow. Some suggested pooling various funding sources to make more service available. Others suggested creating more regional services so people could access medical care, school and jobs beyond county or transit system borders.

Next Up:

Watch for a second online survey in mid-May. It will ask Ohioans -- whether they ride transit or not - their opinions of transit today and what types of services should be offered in the future. We'll be asking for your help in distributing the survey far and wide so we can hear from as many people as possible.