Design Your Own Transit System 

Do you live in an urban area, like Akron or Toledo or Cincinnati? If so, would you like more bus service, running more often, on more days? Or do you live in a more rural area, like Holmes or Athens Counties, and want more transit service in your community, no matter when it is? Or do you live in Butler County and want regional service to Cincinnati or Dayton? Or maybe you would rather see limited transit funds spent on buying more vehicles, or on new technology that makes it easier to know when the next bus will arrive.


Ohio Department of Transportation's transit planners, working in collaboration with transit systems across the state, are giving you the chance to design the transit system YOU would like to ride. How would YOU spend limited dollars to get the most bang for the buck?


ODOT has designed a survey that lets YOU decide what the priorities should be - and matches those with the dollars it takes to deliver them. It also shows the benefits based on how you spend those funds. It makes you consider the trade-offs our decision-makers face as they determine how best to fund transit.


The survey findings will assist ODOT in evaluating how transit needs and preferences change by audience, region and experience. These findings, along with other analysis of Ohio's unique transit needs and the nation's best practices, will shape recommendations produced by the ODOT Statewide Transit Needs Study, expected late this year.




All Ohioans are encouraged to take the online survey by June 30. Click here to be a transit planner for a day!


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