There are 61 total public transit systems in Ohio (28 urban systems and 33 rural systems) - 2014 figure

There are 3,286 vehicles in Ohio's public transit fleet and 95.6% are wheelchair-accessible

Ohio seniors and people with disabilities account for 13.8% of total ridership, or 15.9 million rides

9% of Ohio households, or about 1 million of Ohio's residents, are without a car

In 2012, Ohioans took 115 million trips using ODOT-funded public transit systems

The 2013 ODOT Transit budget is 85.5% less than in 2000

According to Access Ohio 2040, 79% of the 2011 total public transit operating budgets are attributed to the 5 largest transit agencies in the state


Metro bus with "49: Fairmount" destination sign. Caption: Hamilton County

Lancaster Public Transit System bus. Caption: Fairfield County

Driver assisting rider exiting bus. Caption: Lake County

Greater Dayton RTA bus. Caption: Montgomery County

Young children in front of Seneca County Agency Transportation (SCAT) bus. Caption: Seneca County

GoBus in front of Ohio University's Convocation Center. Caption: Athens County