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Crossing Location (City/Town, County and Street) - Please also indicate the nearest intersection/street to the crossing.
Safety Equipment - Was there an issue with the safety equipment at the crossing? Please explain in more detail in comments section below.
Visual Obstructions - Can't see far enough up/down track because something is in the way?
Surface/Pavement - Is there an issue with the ROAD at this crossing?
Humped Crossing - The road rises before the tracks and drops after, creating a hill or hump in the road with the tracks at the top.
Blocked Crossing - There is a train blocking the crossing for an extended period of time.
Comments - Please elaborate on any of the issues reported above.
Not an IssueNot an issue
TESTjulianne.kaercher@dot.state.oh.us12/27/2012 12:56 PM
Located on Rt 93 just south or west of Orrville Rd. (Stark or Wayne county?)
RR Crossing Ahead Sign (Advance Warning Signs)Other (Please explain below in comments section)
This crossing has little to no warning on a downgrade, blind hill, with a 55 mph speed limit.  We were pulling a 15 ton trailer on a super duty track, and let the tracks just as the gates were coming up.  Had we been in a semi, we would not have been able to stop.  Need warning further up on road, and flashing light when train is present at bottom of hill. Thank you for helping keep drivers safe.
3281 Barber Rd
Norton, Ohio 44203
330-835-6922anais451@aol.com8/18/2013 4:35 PM
Harvard/Miles Rd
Lights and GatesNot an issue
A train went by only 2cars the gates and lights were on.  After I crossed and my vehicle was on the track half of my car the gate started to come down and the lights started flashing.
2168623119msnikki0576@yahoo.com8/30/2013 11:20 PM
Lights and GatesNot an issue
Brendan, please let me know you received this form in the safety email. Thanks
614-783-9612julianne.kaercher@dot.state.oh.us9/27/2013 9:03 AM
Crossbucks (X sign)Vegetation (Plants, Trees, etc.)
6146440313none@none.com9/27/2013 3:53 PM
Athens Ohio Rt 682
Not an IssueOther (Please explain below in comments section)Yes (Please explain below in comments section)
The bridge construction is causing people to be sitting on the tracks while traffic is turning left into AEP. Due to the construction you can not see turn signals several cars ahead. Going south there is no way to get out of the way if you happen to get trapped on the tracks. The construction is creating a dangerous  crossing. The light before the bridge is after the tracks going south. Traffic does not have enough time to get through the construction and is piling up on the tracks. PLEASE FIX. Closing ht eAEP entrance  ( they have 2) would solve a big part of the issue.
17 University Estates blvd 204
Athens oh 45701
3306319527sk540312@ohio.edu10/7/2013 5:38 PM
Ravenna Ohio. Portage County Prospect st private crossing
Lights and GatesVegetation (Plants, Trees, etc.)
6 months ago I reported this crossing with Angels on Tracks, My mother and Father live in 1 of the 3 homes across this private crossing, My mother almost got hit by a train. Since then we just had a 15 year old girl Sierra Thorton , one of the girls that live back there, her father and 4 sisters got hit by a train. Sierra Thorton was killed. Like I said , I reported this and nothing happened, Hopefully now we can at least get warning lights and or a crossing gate at this intersection. I would appreciate a phone call on this matter. ASAP. Something needs Done, we cannot afford any more lives to be taken
5511 South Prospect st , Ravenna Ohio
330-281-1313km7304@yahoo.com10/9/2013 6:08 AM
downtown mansfield, ohio state route 13
Lights and GatesNot an issue
lights did not flash crossing gate came down when train was in roadway
504 5 points east road
419-522-7501dpie74@hotmail.com10/9/2013 9:47 PM
Poland Avenue @ Caledonia Street, 44502
Lights and GatesOther (Please explain below in comments section)
Tracks run at approximately a 45 degree angle to roadway, making it difficult to see.  I work for a school transportation company, and our vehicles are required to stop before crossing.  Although there is a crossbuck, I feel that gates and lights would provide a safer environment on this heavily traveled roadway.
330-782-3343vrabel.jeff@gmail.com12/2/2013 2:31 PM
Yearling Road railroad gate in Whitehall Ohio
Lights and Gates; Crossbucks (X sign)Not an issue
The gate is going up/down with flashing lights.... Tuesday, January 21.  Has been going on for at least 30 minutes as of 0650.
614-692-4982deborah.lindblom 1/21/2014 6:53 AM
North Lima, Ohio @ SR164 and the adjacent intersection of SR7 a.k.a. Market Street.
Not an IssueNot an issueYes (Please explain below in comments section)Yes
Must make complete stop to go over tracks or your car will bottom out! There are huge gouges in the road around the rails (both sides)! I nearly get rear-ended when crossing them. The one day I nearly had a blow out when crossing. Very bad on both sides! I was given the # 740-295-4166 and get a voicemail EVERY TIME. Left message a week ago and haven't heard from anyone!!
3904 Myway Lane
New Waterford, OH 44445
330-770-1057njmpenguin@yahoo.com1/22/2014 2:05 PM
Newark Ohio
Licking County
S 30th St
& Wells Ave
Lights and GatesNot an issue
I live very near this crossing and noticed a difference in the sound level of the audible safety signal. Normally quit noticeable, it was much quieter and sounded much different. So much so, that I was not sure which crossing it was coming from.

Maybe it waa replaced with a new system? Maybe the severe cold has effected the sound waves?

Not sure, but thought it might be worth looking into.
7407553711dtomprepper@gmail.com1/24/2014 7:52 AM
Grafton, highway 83, near prison
Lights and GatesNot an issue
During a train crossing the signal lights shut off and the gates raised. The lights started to work again and the gates closed while the train was still passing
7360 Branch Rd
Medina, OH 44256
309-202-1841stevenbastean@gmail.com1/27/2014 10:23 PM
Crossing is on New Haven Road, Harrison, OH, 45030, Hamilton County

Crossing is the multiple track crossing located behind the Nease Corporation and PCS Phosphates

The nearest intersection is State Route 128 and New Haven Road
Not an IssueNot an issueYes (Please explain below in comments section)
Road surface leading up to crossing and the crossing itself are very rough.  There are many deep potholes, some of which are deeper than the steel rail itself.  There are also numerous rail spikes that are elevated above the rail line. 
513-315-8877rgjefferson193@gmail.com2/19/2014 10:43 AM
Columbus, Ohio
Franklin County
Clime Road
Near Harrisburg Pike (RT 62)
Lights and GatesNot an issue
Railroad gates drop down when it rains and no train is present.
Causes both directions of traffic to drive around and through the gates unsafely.
614-753-0183seabeeken42@prodigy.net2/22/2014 10:49 PM
Blue Knob Rd-CR 10, Washington County
156069DRR Crossing Ahead Sign (Advance Warning Signs)Not an issue
Traveling South as soon as you top the knoll there could be stopped traffic immediately in your path with no warning. This is a safety hazard. Need warning LIGHTS on top of knoll when train is crossing tracks, not just R/R sign. Please seriously review this request. I have seen many dangerous situations occur due to no warnings.
14314 State Route 550
Fleming, OH. 45729
740-373-1655 or 740-506-5483Lindallmh@gmail.com3/3/2014 12:26 PM
Newark, OH 43055 The crossing on Channel St.
Lights and GatesNot an issue
The lights aren't flashing and the gates didn't go down when the train was going through, this happened today 03/27/14 at approx 11:10am
320 Cedarcrest Ave, Newark, OH 43055
740-616-9064hopecamp@yahoo.com3/27/2014 1:37 PM
Railroad crossing on North Cable Road, south of Elida Road. Lima, OH
532720M Not an IssueNot an issueYes (Please explain below in comments section)Yes
Finding of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio on July 13th 2012 regarding railroad crossing: "5th and 7th rubber panels in the center of the track counted from the east as being broken internally and sinking under traffic, loss of asphalt material and sinking of asphalt along rails and asphalt humps in the south bound lanes. There are also some slight humps between the south siding and industrial track along the edge of the road. In the south siding the sixth panel in center of tracks counted from west is broken internally. Also, in the south siding the third panel in center of tracks from east is very loose and "rocking" in the surface."
2279 West Wayne Street
Lima , Ohio 45805
567-712-6600jrbpapabear@sbcglobal.net4/1/2014 11:07 AM
Rail road crossing on Hilliard Rome Rd (next to Alro steel) gates are down, lights are flashing, no train. Car's are crossing the tracks. There is heavy traffic backed up. This is a busy area and road. Very dangerous. Close to Glencoe step Dr & Hilliard Rome rd.
Lights and GatesNot an issue
5383 Pressnell Dr.
Galloway, OH 43119
6147357020sara_messer@yahoo.com4/10/2014 9:22 PM
Nearest City: Fernald
County: Hamilton
Street: New Haven
Nearest Intersection: New Haven and Paddy's Run
229550NNot an IssueNot an issueYes (Please explain below in comments section)
The road surface crossing the tracks is very rough.  It is the roughest when traveling south on New Haven.  There are places where the wood ties have deteriorated to the point they no longer exist.  Numerous spikes extend above the rail line.  To safely cross the tracks without damage to vehicle tires, you must move as far to the right as possible, and come to a near complete stop to travel slow enough across the crossing.
5135138877jeff.rich.193@gmail.com4/11/2014 8:47 AM
TR 31/Davis, Sycamore in Wyandot Co.
Crossbucks (X sign)Buildings/Structures
There was an accident at this location last week.  The people who live around the crossing think it needs lights and gates. The view from the North is obstructed by a silo.
*Call to Julie; form filled out by JK on behalf of Richard.
419-927-2311n/a4/28/2014 10:00 AM
Crestline Richland County Hook Rd

Thrush Rd nearest intersecting road
Site Information

AARDOT: 518449M
AARDOT Source: Field
Adj. AARDOT Source: Field
Survey Site ID: RIC004
Init. Agency for Change: State
Reason for Change: Updated Record
Effective Date: Aug 4 2011 12:00AM

Railroad Information

Operating RR: CSX Transportation, Inc.
Branch/Line Name:
Milepost: 73.22
Railroad ID: QI
Nearest Time Table Station: CRESTLINE
Parent RR Company: CSX 
Crossing Owner: CSX 

Location and Classification Information

(Nearest) City: CRESTLINE 
Street: HOOK RD
Highway and SLM: CR52
High Speed Corridor:
County Map Ref. Number: 70
Latitude: 40.8142762
Longitude: -82.7143477
Elevation (ft): 1132.2198
Crossing Type: Public
Position: At-Grade 
518449M  Not an IssueNot an issueYes
This crossing is repeatedly blocked for periods up to 2 hours at a time. Have contacted CSX and Richland County Sheriff with no results. This happens 4-5 times a week on average with some weeks more instances of trains blocking the crossing.
5552 Hook Rd
Crestline OH 44827
419-529-6774sfensch1@gmail.com5/15/2014 8:35 PM
Tussing Rd. at Hines Rd in Columbus, Ohio.
Not an IssueNot an issueYes (Please explain below in comments section)Yes
The section of pavement on both sides and going from both directions on road is terrible. It has been on a decline for 2 or more years and as I traveler of this several times a day I've had it. The intersection for two busy roads and the railroad at an awkward angle creates a safety issue for the cars and in recent times an increase in pedestrians. People take risks here every day and with the need for almost a complete stop to cross over tracks without losing control of vehicle and/or damaging entire suspension system and tires it is a treacherous battle. I'm quite surprised nothing has been done to improve this entire area.
614-302-9072Phytenkryme@gmail.com5/23/2014 7:33 PM
Delaware, Ohio
Cheshire Road Eastbound from US-23
Lights and GatesNot an issue
Someone has damaged the gate.  Currently there is no gate going eastbound on Cheshire road.  Needs replaced as soon as possible so no one gets injured.
NANA6/12/2014 9:51 AM
Cincinnati/Elmwood Place, Hamilton, East 66th Street
Lights and GatesNot an issue
This crossing, although in a residential area, is very unsafe.  This crossing has no gates, and NO BELLS or other suitable audible notification device.   I have a relative who is hard of hearing, and this crossing could possibly end their life.  Please add bells or chimes or something that makes a sound to this crossing
144 Ridgeview Drive
5133177354bobroadnax6894@icloud.com7/11/2014 5:57 PM
Strongsville, Cuyahoga, Royalton Road near Prospect.
Not an IssueNot an issueYes (Please explain below in comments section)
There are two dangerous crossings on State Route 82(Royalton Road) between Prospect Road in Cuyahoga County and Station Road in Lorain County.  Traffic has to slow to a crawl to cross the tracks in both locations.
11883 Robson Road
Grafton, OH  44044
440-281-3113jgc@oh.rr.com8/5/2014 7:29 PM
Columbus, Ohio - Lazelle Road and Flint Road railroad overpass
Not an IssueNot an issue
The actual overpass looks neglected, concrete crumbling and just all over unsafe.  If possible, please have an inspector here to look at the deterioration.  Please call me to follow up.  Thank you.
614-785-9011NA8/15/2014 1:11 PM
South Copus Road Lima ohio
Lights and Gates; Crossbucks (X sign); Pavement Markings on Road Ahead of Crossing; RR Crossing Ahead Sign (Advance Warning Signs)Not an issue
There is no lights or cross signs- People fly down this road not thinking trains actually do still use this track-Something needs done- lights and cross bars 
901 S Copus Rd Lima Ohio 45805
419-234-3910mboughan@topmarkfcu.com8/22/2014 1:46 PM
Whitewater township, Hamilton County.
Near intersection of US 50 and Kilby Road
Not an IssueNot an issueYes (Please explain below in comments section)
There are large ruts/potholes along the rails al the way across the roadway. Road is very rough. Holes seem to be getting bigger.
513-941-6123cipach11@yahoo.com8/28/2014 7:42 AM
Bethany Road and SR741
Mason OH
Not an IssueVegetation (Plants, Trees, etc.); Buildings/Structures
Very lightly used track so noone pays attention to crossbucks. No lights and no gate. No visibilty of track particularly approaching eastbound on Bethany.  Train did not sound horn until he was within 100 feet of crossing and I had just clearedcrossing by two seconds.
3698 Capitol Ave
Mason Oh 45040
513-204-1418anpokay@isoc.net9/12/2014 3:56 PM
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