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Crossing Location (City/Town, County and Street) - Please also indicate the nearest intersection/street to the crossing.

Nearest City: Fernald
County: Hamilton
Street: New Haven
Nearest Intersection: New Haven and Paddy's Run

Safety Equipment - Was there an issue with the safety equipment at the crossing? Please explain in more detail in comments section below.

Not an Issue

Visual Obstructions - Can't see far enough up/down track because something is in the way?

Not an issue


Jeff Richardson







Surface/Pavement - Is there an issue with the ROAD at this crossing?

Yes (Please explain below in comments section)

Humped Crossing - The road rises before the tracks and drops after, creating a hill or hump in the road with the tracks at the top.


Blocked Crossing - There is a train blocking the crossing for an extended period of time.


Comments - Please elaborate on any of the issues reported above.

The road surface crossing the tracks is very rough.  It is the roughest when traveling south on New Haven.  There are places where the wood ties have deteriorated to the point they no longer exist.  Numerous spikes extend above the rail line.  To safely cross the tracks without damage to vehicle tires, you must move as far to the right as possible, and come to a near complete stop to travel slow enough across the crossing.

DOT # (posted at crossing: e.g. 123456A)



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