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Crossing Location (City/Town, County and Street) - Please also indicate the nearest intersection/street to the crossing.

Strongsville, Cuyahoga, Royalton Road near Prospect.

Safety Equipment - Was there an issue with the safety equipment at the crossing? Please explain in more detail in comments section below.

Not an Issue

Visual Obstructions - Can't see far enough up/down track because something is in the way?

Not an issue


John Carpenter


11883 Robson Road
Grafton, OH  44044





Surface/Pavement - Is there an issue with the ROAD at this crossing?

Yes (Please explain below in comments section)

Humped Crossing - The road rises before the tracks and drops after, creating a hill or hump in the road with the tracks at the top.


Blocked Crossing - There is a train blocking the crossing for an extended period of time.


Comments - Please elaborate on any of the issues reported above.

There are two dangerous crossings on State Route 82(Royalton Road) between Prospect Road in Cuyahoga County and Station Road in Lorain County.  Traffic has to slow to a crawl to cross the tracks in both locations.

DOT # (posted at crossing: e.g. 123456A)



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