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Crossing Location (City/Town, County and Street) - Please also indicate the nearest intersection/street to the crossing.

Harvard/Miles Rd

Safety Equipment - Was there an issue with the safety equipment at the crossing? Please explain in more detail in comments section below.

Lights and Gates

Visual Obstructions - Can't see far enough up/down track because something is in the way?

Not an issue


Nikki Vallot







Surface/Pavement - Is there an issue with the ROAD at this crossing?


Humped Crossing - The road rises before the tracks and drops after, creating a hill or hump in the road with the tracks at the top.


Blocked Crossing - There is a train blocking the crossing for an extended period of time.


Comments - Please elaborate on any of the issues reported above.

A train went by only 2cars the gates and lights were on.  After I crossed and my vehicle was on the track half of my car the gate started to come down and the lights started flashing.

DOT # (posted at crossing: e.g. 123456A)



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