1) Is there a train blocking your road crossing?

     Call your local law enforcement.

2) Are there train engines sitting on the side of the track, creating diesel exhaust in a neighborhood?

     Call the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio at (614) 466-1150.

3) Is there debris along a track?

     Call the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio at (614) 466-1150.

4) Are there rail storage cars parked on a side track near a crossing that is blocking your line of sight?

     Call the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio at (614) 466-1150.

5) Is there vegetation blocking a crossing which prevents you from seeing oncoming trains?

     Call the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio at (614) 466-1150.

6) Do you need to notify the railroads that an Oversized Tractor Trailer needs to cross railroad crossings?

     Call ODOT Permits at (614) 351-2300 AND Contact the railroads. The following document has their phone numbers: Ohio RR Emergency Contact List 2015.pdfOhio RR Emergency Contact List 2015.pdf

7) If you are with a Law Enforcement Agency and are concerned about what a rail car is carrying,

     Call Lou Jannazo at (614) 644-0309.  If you have concerns that there are hazardous materials, call the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio Hazard.

8) Do you want to know how many trains are on a track near your home or town?

     Call Susan Arduini at (614) 644-0307 or go to http://gradecrossings.puco.ohio.gov

9) Do you have a question about the future of passenger rail in Ohio?

     Call Julianne Kaercher at (614) 728-9497.

10) Are you a rail contractor with a question?

     Call Megan McClory at (614) 644-0289.

11) Are you a County Engineer with questions?

     For questions regarding average daily traffic count, call Susan Arduini at (614) 644-0307.

     For questions regarding safety or safety issues, call Cathy Stout at (614) 644-0313.

12) Do you have a question about rail mile posts and track charts?

     Call Lou Jannazo at (614) 644-0309.

13) Are you interested in a Quiet Zone in your town or have questions about an existing Quiet Zone in your town?

     The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) is the primary resource for the quiet zone process.  Some contacts that may be of assistance in the FRA are Don Thomas, 610-521-8212, and Evelyn Hendricks, 330-745-2197 (cell 330-416-1139).  You can also call Julianne Kaercher at (614) 728-9497.  Information from the Federal Railroad Administration on Quiet Zones can be found here and in this document. Steps to Create a Quiet Zone.pdfSteps to Create a Quiet Zone.pdf

Ohio communities who have successfully implemented Quiet Zones are: Moraine, Brooke Park, Springfield, Macedonia, Vermilion, Olmsted Falls, Holland, Hilliard and North Ridgeville.

14) Do you have a question or concern about Homeland Security or Emergency Management?

     Call Julianne Kaercher at (614) 728-9497.


For any other questions or concerns about railroad crossings, safety or maintenance, please call the Rail Hotline at (866) 814-RAIL (7245).