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The Ohio Rail Development Commission (ORDC) provides assistance for the acquisition of rail lines to prevent cessation of service or preserve the line or right of way for future rail development. ORDC will also consider providing assistance to acquire a line if the acquisition can enhance the line's viability. For funding consideration, an applicant may need to provide some or all of the information below:


  1. Acquisition cost and financing plan, including why the line acquisition cannot be financed through private lenders. 
  2. Copy of rail line appraisal, or evidence of the valuation. 
  3. Pro Forma or other business plan detailing service plans after acquisition.
  4. Evidence of clear title by seller. 
  5. Describe Rail Line to be acquired including: 
    • Mileposts and end points of entire line; mileposts of line portion to be acquired;
    • Location map and track charts;
    • Connections to other railroads from line;
    • Rail users on the line along with commodities shipped & received for the last three years;
    • Overhead traffic on the line by volume and commodity for last three years; and
    • Description of line condition and detailed breakdown of track rehabilitation needs.
  6. Describe Project Benefits, including:
    • Explanation of importance of rail line for rail users and overhead traffic;
    • Breakdown of the number of people employed by rail-dependent rail users; 
    • Explanation of importance of rail line to rail users including rail-truck cost differentials. 
  7. Project future increased usage of the line by:
    • Existing customers; and
    • Potential new customers. 
  8. Provide a listing and description of industrial parks and sites located along the line including availability of other key infrastructure such as sewer, water, roads, electricity, gas, etc.
Describe any additional sources of revenue generation associated with the property (i.e. cellular telephone towers, fiber optic lines, billboards, additional property, etc.)


ORDC Grant and Loan Application