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Rail Improvement Program


Physical Characteristics of the Project:

  1. Map of where the line is located (Google Earth or equivalent).
  2. Track charts for the line.
  3. Scope of the proposed Project:
    • Physical limits of the project (MP to MP).
    • Type of work being done.
    • Cost estimate, internal or prepared by a qualified contractor.
    • Timing of the project.
  4. Owner of the project section once the project is completed and the entity responsible for the maintenance (if different than owner).

Marketing & Economic Characteristics of the Project:

  1. The cost breakdown of the proposed project by funding source.
  2. The maintenance expense, capital expenditure and revenues of the applicant or operating railroad for the most recent three (3) years.
  3. The benefit of the project to the railroad.
  4. Shipper contact information for each shipper on the line.
  5. Railcar loadings for the last three (3) years by shipper, including commodity and inbound/outbound splits.
  6. Explain how ORDC funding assists with the completion of the project.

Explain how the Project meets one or more of the following ORDC Objectives:

  • Preserve and enhance existing rail lines and corridors.
  • Provide rail access to retain existing and attract new businesses.
  • Provide Ohio’s communities and industries with transportation options, connectivity and opportunities.
  • Improve safety at grade crossings.
  • Reduce derailments.
  • Improve environmental quality, especially in terms of air quality.
  • Improve on-time performance.
  • Preserve, maintain, expand and modernize Ohio’s rail system.
  • Preserve existing tracks and rights of way for future use.
  • Improve access to global and domestic markets.

Provide improved transportation choices for Ohio communities and industries. 

ORDC Grant and Loan Application