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Why Ohio/Indiana?


When talking Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) a question that comes up is why come to Ohio and Indiana to fly UAS?  The region has a rich history of aviation going back to the days when the Wright Brothers first pioneered flight in 1903. Today, Ohio and Indiana remains a leader in several aerospace categories.

The Ohio/Indiana UAS Center is ready and able to provide a unique combination of support that will get you up in the air – faster. The overall objective of the State of Ohio and the State of Indiana is to utilize both states’ resources to provide the maximum amount of support for your UAS needs.​​​​​​​​​


 ​Research & Development


Ohio’s Wright Patterson Air Force base is home of the prestigious Air Force Research Laboratory. AFRL focuses on four major directives: energy, propulsion, material and sensor technologies. Some of the brightest minds in the world are developing cutting edge technology that is bringing enabling technologies for UAS to the forefront.

Ohio is known nationally for its achievements in academia and is the home of many Universities and associated research institutes including The Ohio State University, Ohio University, University of Cincinnati, University of Dayton, Wright State University, and Kent State University.


 ​Business Environment


Ohio is working to put UAS companies to work meeting State of Ohio public needs. Much as the UAS industry has grown and matured around DOD needs, Ohio is systemically working to put UAS to work supporting a broad range of research and operations. Precision agriculture, project surveying, infrastructure inspection, project monitoring, environmental survey, resource survey, invasive species detection, corrections facility security, and police and firefighting support are among a few of the areas where Ohio is putting UAS to work in the development of this new industry sector.


 ​Expertise and Workforce


With Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio and NASA Glenn in Cleveland, Ohio is at the top of the list for aviation specialists. The State of Ohio has approximately 1200 aerospace companies making Ohio once again a great place to attract UAS companies.


 Access to Airspace


The OH/IN UASC has worked with a number of partners to gain FAA Certificates of Authority (COA) in order to fly UAS in the two-state region. As this map illustrates, there is much room to fly…and grow. Contact our knowledgeable staff to learn how we can help. (Click map to enlarge.)


 Test Infrastructure


Ohio has all the right resources to develop and test UAS technologies. A broad range of laboratory capabilities allow development and test of structural and subsystem components in dedicated environments. Facilities support testing up to system level test for aerodynamic performance, control, and signature. Test ranges and related sensor environments are available to allow effective flight test supporting certification efforts.