Todd AudetMy military career and civilian career have always complemented and added value to the other. I would not be where I am with ODOT without the military, and I would not be where I am in the military without ODOT.”

– Brigadier General Todd Audet, P.E.,
ODOT District 2 Deputy Director

Jeff PeytonWhile deployed for nearly 1 ½ years, my ODOT family handled many issues internally such as pay, health insurance coverage, etc. so that my family had fewer worries and less to deal with at home. For this, I am very grateful and thankful.”

– Staff Sergeant Jeff Peyton,
ODOT Office of Local Projects

In my earlier career with the Army, I was a truck driver. The military taught me how to operate, inspect, and perform minor repairs on my vehicle. Without my military experience and the resulting CDL, I would not have been qualified to apply for the entry level job I obtained at ODOT.”

– Master Sergeant, U.S. Army Reserve