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Work-at-ODOT-graphic.pngCurrent ODOT Job Postings

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is a state government agency that provides and maintains highways, passenger and freight rail systems, bikeways, aviation, waterways, and port facilities for transporting people and goods throughout the state of Ohio. With a mission to provide easy movement of people and goods from place to place, ODOT is responsible for maintaining one of the largest transportation networks in the nation. We're seeking hard-working and qualified folks to join our team.
Please check out the opportunities available across the state. Use the map breakdown to get a sense of what each district or office is like and see what positions are open by area. Or use the list below for the complete listing for all areas.
The Ohio Department of Transportation's job postings and application process is centrally administered by the statewide Ohio Hiring Management System (OHMS). Below are direct links to current ODOT Job Postings on the OHMS site that are accepting open applications from all interested and qualified individuals. Please visit the OHMS site to view and apply for all ODOT and other state government employment opportunities.

 Northwest Region Sign Up


 Northwest Region Jobs

Apprentice Highway Maintenance Worker 1, D1.aspxApprentice Highway Maintenance Worker 1, D12/13/2017District 1 - Allen, Defiance, Hancock, Hardin, Paulding, Putnam, Van Wert and Wyandot1
College Intern, Construction, PN 20079740, D2.aspxCollege Intern, Construction, PN 20079740, D27/12/2016Wood2
College Intern, PN 20050942, D2.aspxCollege Intern, PN 20050942, D25/26/2017Wood2
Delivery Worker, PN 20083112, D1.aspxDelivery Worker, PN 20083112, D16/16/20176/25/2017Allen1
Highway Maint Worker 1, PN 20084288, D2.aspxHighway Maint Worker 1, PN 20084288, D23/24/20177/31/2017District 2 - Fulton, Henry, Lucas, Ottawa, Sandusky, Seneca, Williams and Wood2
Seasonal Highway Technician 1, PN20084270, D2.aspxSeasonal Highway Technician 1, PN20084270, D2District 2 - Fulton, Henry, Lucas, Ottawa, Sandusky, Seneca, Williams and Wood2
Transportation Seasonal Help, PN 20076168, D2.aspxTransportation Seasonal Help, PN 20076168, D23/2/2017District 2 - Fulton, Henry, Lucas, Ottawa, Sandusky, Seneca, Williams and Wood2

 Northeast Region Sign Up


 Northeast Region Jobs

Highway Technician 1, PN 20055959, D11.aspxHighway Technician 1, PN 20055959, D116/20/20176/29/2017Tuscarawas11
Surveyor, PN 20054902,  D11.aspxSurveyor, PN 20054902, D116/21/20176/30/2017Tuscarawas11
College Intern, Construction 2017 FW, D12.aspxCollege Intern, Construction 2017 FW, D125/23/2017Cuyahoga12
Automotive Mechanic 2, PN 20084391.aspxAutomotive Mechanic 2, PN 200843916/19/20176/28/2017Cuyahoga12
Automotive Mechanic 2, PN 20077525, D3.aspxAutomotive Mechanic 2, PN 20077525, D310/18/2016Erie3
College Intern, Planand Engr 2017, D3.aspxCollege Intern, Planand Engr 2017, D310/25/2016Ashland3
2017 Summer Transportation Seasonal Help, D3.aspx2017 Summer Transportation Seasonal Help, D32/10/20176/30/2017District 3 - Ashland, Crawford, Erie, Huron, Lorain, Medina, Richland and Wayne3
Highway Maintenance Worker 1 Apprentice, D3.aspxHighway Maintenance Worker 1 Apprentice, D32/10/20176/30/2017District 3 - Ashland, Crawford, Erie, Huron, Lorain, Medina, Richland and Wayne3
Seasonal Highway Technician 1, Summer 2017, D4.aspxSeasonal Highway Technician 1, Summer 2017, D44/24/2017District 4 - Ashtabula, Mahoning, Portage, Stark, Summit and Trumbull4
Automotive Technician, PN 20056207.aspxAutomotive Technician, PN 200562076/21/20176/30/2017Trumbull4

 Central Region Sign Up


 Central Region Jobs

College Intern, IT, PN20056291A, D5.aspxCollege Intern, IT, PN20056291A, D54/26/2017Licking5
Realty Specialist 3, PN 20058571, D6.aspxRealty Specialist 3, PN 20058571, D65/26/2017Delaware6
College Intern, PN 20082579.aspxCollege Intern, PN 200825793/10/2017Franklin - Central OfficeCO
Trans Engr 1, PN 20050450.aspxTrans Engr 1, PN 200504505/18/2017Franklin - Central OfficeCO
College Intern, PN 20049514, CO.aspxCollege Intern, PN 20049514, CO6/21/20176/30/2017Franklin - Central OfficeCO

 Western Region Sign Up


 Western Region Jobs

2017 Summer Seasonal, PN 20080818, D7.aspx2017 Summer Seasonal, PN 20080818, D73/6/2017Shelby7
Transportational Seasonal Help, 2017 TSH, D7.aspxTransportational Seasonal Help, 2017 TSH, D73/6/2017Shelby7
Transportation Seasonal Help, D8.aspxTransportation Seasonal Help, D83/1/2017District 8 - Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Greene, Hamilton, Preble and Warren8
College Intern, Various, Construction.aspxCollege Intern, Various, Construction6/16/20177/4/2017Warren8
College Intern, Various, Planning and Engr.aspxCollege Intern, Various, Planning and Engr6/16/20177/4/2017Warren8
Transportation Engineer, 3, PN 20062920.aspxTransportation Engineer, 3, PN 200629206/21/20176/30/2017Warren8

 Southern Region Sign Up


 Southern Region Jobs

Automotive Mechanic 2, PN 20053851.aspxAutomotive Mechanic 2, PN 200538516/21/20176/30/2017Morgan10
Highway Technician 1, ON 20072789, D9.aspxHighway Technician 1, ON 20072789, D96/16/20176/25/2017Pike9
Highway Technician, PN 20053812.aspxHighway Technician, PN 200538126/21/20176/30/2017Meigs10
Signal Electrician 1, PN 20065075.aspxSignal Electrician 1, PN 200650756/22/20177/1/2017Ross9