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NEPA Assignment
Audit Results
As part of the responsibilities specified in 23 U.S.C. 327, and amended by the Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act), the Ohio Department of Transportation is required to conduct annual Self-Assessments and the FHWA is required to conduct annual audits. Please refer to the reports below under Audit Results in Related Documents & Links for details regarding the findings.
ODOT and FHWA NEPA Assignment MOU
The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) concerning the State of Ohio’s participation in the Project Delivery Program pursuant to 23 U.S.C. 327 was originally executed and went into effect December 28, 2015.  The MOU was amended June 6, 2018. This MOU means that FHWA has assigned ODOT some FHWA NEPA responsibilities for environmental review, consultation or other actions required under federal environmental law that pertain to the review or approval of specific highway, railroad, public transportation and multimodal projects. The responsibilities were assigned under the Surface Transportation Project Delivery Program (Assignment Program) codified at 23 USC 327. The assigned responsibilities are subject to the same procedural and substantive requirements as previously applied to FHWA. The NEPA Assignment Program does not preempt or interfere with any power, jurisdiction, responsibility or authority of an agency, excluding FWHA, under applicable laws and regulations. 

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 NEPA Assignment Contacts


Jacque Annarino
NEPA Assignment Coordinator
Office of Environmental Services


Erica Schneider, Assistant Administrator
Office of Environmental Services

The Road to NEPA Assignment

Visit The Road to NEPA Assignment page for background information and historical documents, including the application and other supporting documentation which were developed or implemented prior to implementation of the MOU.
If you have any questions concerning this program, please feel free to contact the ODOT staff listed under the "NEPA Assignment Contacts" section of this page.