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Hocking Hills

This 26.4 mile byway follows State Route 374 through Ohio's scenic Hocking Hills and around Hocking State Forest. Byway visitors are treated to some of the most scenic sites in Ohio. Hocking Hills is a hiker's paradise and a historian's dream and has something for everyone from zip lines to horseback riding to canoeing and hot air ballooning.

The hollows and caves of the park complex have long attracted the people of Ohio. Evidence of the ancient Adena culture illustrates that humans first inhabited the recesses more than 7,000 years ago. In the mid 1700s several Indian tribes traveled through or lived here including the Wyandot, Delaware and Shawnee. Their name for the river from which the park gets its name was Hockhocking or "bottle river." The name comes from the bottle-shaped valley of the Hocking River whose formation is due to its one-time blockage by glacial ice.

View the Picture Gallery at the bottom of this page for a taste of what you'll see along the byway.


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​Hocking Hills Tourism Association
Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center
13178 State Route 664 South
Logan, OH
(740) 385-9706


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