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Experience the cultural lifestyle of the Amish and northern Appalachian people as you travel along the charming country roads of the Amish Country Byway.

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The Land of the Cross-Tipped Churches Byway passes by the Maria Stein Convent that houses the second largest collection of holy relics.

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The Ohio & Erie Canalway offers everything from the Football Hall of Fame in Canton to birding in the Cuyahoga National Park.

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The Hocking Hills Scenic Byway winds through the park and glacially formed nature area that features deep gorges and caves inhabited 7,000 years ago by the ancient Adena people.

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The Ohio River Scenic Byway spans 14 counties and encompasses the entire length of the Ohio River, 452 miles.

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Inspired by the song "Down by the Old Mill Stream," the Old Mill Stream Scenic Byway is bounded by the Blanchard River and linked by small villages, local parks and landmarks.

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The Historic National Road, completed in the 1820s, is a 225 mile national byway lined with "pike towns" that grew up around stopping points for foot and horse-powered traffic.

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The mighty Mad River shadows the Lower Valley Pike embraced by limestone cliffs, riparian woodlands and flanked by wetlands.

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The Big Darby Plains Scenic Byway offers over 40 miles of spectacular views of the river, nature preserves, parks, covered bridges, century farms, cemeteries and historic homes.

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The Scenic Scioto Heritage Trail passes through Shawnee State Forest and by the boyhood homes of legendary baseball executive Branch Rickey and beloved singer/actor Roy Rogers.

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Explore the Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Trail and experience lighthouses, maritime museums, beaches, wineries, birding, boat cruises, and a string of islands.

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The Historic Lincoln Highway is Ohio's portion of America's first coast-to-coast paved road that connected New York with San Francisco accelerating America's emerging automobile culture.

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The Gateway to Amish Country is your path to scenic Knox County and enjoying Amish culture and goods, biking railtrails, visiting a covered bridge, kayaking water trails and relaxing at a waterfall.

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The Welsh Scenic Byway represents communities established by Welsh immigrants. Today this byway takes you past restored churches and cemeteries and near Bob Evans Farm.

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