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Innerbelt Bridge
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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How many bridges are being built?
A: Two.  The first new bridge is now open to traffic and was built to the north of the 1950's-era bridge.  This first new bridge will carry westbound traffic when both bridges are complete.  A separate contract has been issued to build the second new bridge.  The 1950's era bridge will be removed and a second new bridge will be built to carry eastbound traffic.
Q: Why is ODOT building two new bridges?
A: By constructing two bridges, ODOT is able to maintain traffic on I-90 – a vital link into Downtown Cleveland.  During construction of the second new bridge, the first bridge will be used to maintain traffic while the eastbound bridge is constructed.
Q: How many lanes will each bridge have when complete?
A: Each new bridge will carry five lanes of traffic when complete - one more than the 1950's-era bridge carried.
Q: Each new bridge is being constructed using the "design-build" method.  What is “design-build?”
A: In order to complete construction of the new bridges faster, ODOT is using a unique value based "design-build" process, in which the design and construction of the projects are performed by a team of designers and construction contractors.  In a typical "design-bid-build" project, design is completed prior to bidding and a project of this magnitude could take a number of years to be designed, let alone constructed.  The overlapping of design and construction also reduces the likelihood of project delays, as construction work is on-going.
Q: How long and tall is the new westbound bridge?
A: The new westbound bridge is about 4,347 feet long and stands about 115 feet high.
Q: How long and tall will the new eastbound bridge be?
Q: Will the two, new bridges look similar?
A: Yes, the two bridges will be "sister" bridges and will have the same "delta girder" shape.
Q: Where will the new bridges touch-down in Cleveland?
A: On the west end, the new bridges will touch-down on the spot where the former Cold Storage Building stood.  On the east end, the bridges will touch-down near the Western Reserve Fire Museum & Education Center, across the street from Progressive Field.  The new eastbound bridge will take essentially the same alignment as the 1950's-era bridge.
Q: When will ODOT tear-down the 1950's-era bridge?
A: Demolition of the 1950's-era bridge will take place beginning in early 2014.  The new westbound bridge is temporarily carrying traffic in both directions – two, thru lanes in each direction as well as dedicated access to I-90 west from both E 9th and Ontario Streets – during construction of the second new bridge.  Some entrance and exit ramps are closed.  An additional lane of traffic has been added to I-490 and I-77 to carry the influx of traffic from motorists who wish to avoid the construction zone. 
Q: How many vehicles use this stretch of I-90 each day?
A: About 140,000 vehicles use this stretch of I-90 every day.