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Ohio County
16District 06
I-270 Southwest Side Reconstruction

A major reconstruction project is underway on I-270 on the southwest side of Franklin County between US 62 and Roberts Road.  All ramps will remain open with two or three lanes (with contraflow crossovers) maintained in each direction.

The speed limit through the work zone will be reduced to 55 mph so drivers should allow for extra time for their commute and remain alert since this is a seven mile construction zone. 
More details at: http://www.dot.state.oh.us/districts/D06/

Franklin76191October 2011November 2013
11District 04
I-277/I-76/US 224 reconstruction

Reconstruction of the I-277/U.S. 224 pavement from I-76 to I-77 in the city of Akron. This project will also reconstruct a small portion of the Kenmore Leg in Akron. The Kenmore Leg will be closed for a seven day period in each direction and I-277/U.S. 224 will also be closed for 28 days in each directions. (All closures will not occur at the same time).

Summit76351April 2012June 2013
32District 11
Belmont Co.  I-470 Resurfacing

Four-lane resurfacing and rehabilitation between I-70 and SR 7.​

Belmont75419April 2012September 2012
3District 02
Maumee River Bridge Work
Through July, both directions of I-475, between SR 65 and U.S. 24, are reduced to one lane for bridge work.  Through July, the ramps from eastbound and westbound U.S. 24 to southbound I-475 are closed.  Detour: northbound I-475; Salisbury Rd./Dussel Drive (Exit 6).
Lucas, Wood84672August 2011 November 2012
4District 02
I-475/U.S. 23 Resurfacing & Bridge Work
Overnight lane restrictions are possible on I-475/U.S. 23 from Central Ave. to Ohio/Michigan border for resurfacing. Additionally, for 90 days, northbound U.S. 23, between I-475 and Sylvania Ave., will be reduced to one lane for bridge work.

Lucas85240June 2012November 2012
14District 05
Guernsey Co. I-70 Resurfacing and Bridge Overlays

Four-lane resurfacing project with bridge overlays.  I-70 resurfacing between SR 723 and SR 285.  One lane of traffic will be maintained in both eastbound & westbound directions.​

Guernsey21494June 2012November 2012
19District 07
Clark Co. I-70 Lane Addition

I-70 between SR 72 and U.S. 40 is undergoing a lane addition.  Motorists will encounter construction zones in both directions on I-70. 

More info at: http://www.dot.state.oh.us/districts/D07/

Clark84664July 2010 August 2012
8District 03, District 06
Morrow Co. I-71 Lane Addition and Pavement Replacement

Full depth pavement replacement with addition of third lane in each direction from the Richland County line to approximately one mile south of SR 95 in Morrow County.  Two lanes of traffic will be maintained in each direction throughout construction.

Project is located in ODOT District
​ 6, but is being administered through ODOT District 3

Morrow86916March 2012 October 2013
22District 08
I-71 Jeremiah Morrow Bridge Replacement

Replacement of the two Jeremiah Morrow spans over the Little Miami River. One lane of traffic will be maintained in both directions.

More info at: http://www.omniproservices.com/jeremiah-morrow-bridge-replacement-project.html

Warren22950August 2010 May 2016 
6District 02

Wood Co. I-75 Resurfacing

Expect intermittent lane restriction in both directions of I-75 between the I-475/75 split in Perrysburg and Miami St. (SR 65) for resurfacing. Ramp closures will be announced. I-75 may be reduced to one lane overnight, 8pm until 6am.  All work is weather permitting.

Wood85276April 2012 September 2012
18District 07
I-75 at E. Central Ave. & Dixie Dr. Interchange

I-75 in the area of the East Central Ave. and Dixie Dr. Interchange is under renovation.  Motorists will encounter a construction zone in both directions on I-75. 

More info at: http://www.dot.state.oh.us/districts/D07/

Montgomery77248April 2011September 2012
20District 07
 I-75 Modernization, Dayton, Phase 1B

I-75 from Main St. to Stanley Ave. and from Edwin C. Moses Blvd. to Fifth St. has construction zones due to the modernization of the interstate through the city of Dayton. Two lanes of traffic will remain open to motorists in each direction. 

More info at: http://www.dot.state.oh.us/

Montgomery77245 March 2010 June 2013
21District 07
I-75 Interchange Improvement

I-75, Tipp City, in the area of County Road 25A. The interchange is being renovated and realigned into a diamond interchange. Motorists will encounter a construction zone in both directions on I-75.

Miami83372June 2012June 2013 
23District 08
Hamilton Co. I-75 Reconstruction

Reconstruction of 1.2 miles of I-75 including the replacement of structures over Clifton Avenue and Mitchell Avenue;  improvement to Mitchell Avenue and interchange. Lane closures permitted during nighttime hours.

More info at: http://www.dot.state.oh.us/districts/

Hamilton82278June 2011July 2014
5District 02
I-75/475 Interchange Upgrade

Expect lane restrictions in both directions on I-475, from I-75 to Monroe St. for reconstruction.  Various ramps are closed within the project. Detours are posted.

More info at: http://www.dot.state.oh.us/districts/

Lucas77255August 2010 November 2013
7District 03
I-76 Pavement Improvement and Cable Barrier Installation

Full depth replacement of asphalt, including repairs to the concrete base, from SR 57 to the Summit County line.  New underdrains, guardrails, signing, and striping.  Includes ramp improvements of the SR 57 and SR 94 entrance ramps to I-76 eastbound.  Cable median barrier will be installed from I-71 to the Summit County line. One lane of traffic in each direction will be maintained throughout construction.  During construction of the ramp improvements at SR 57 and SR 94, traffic traveling east will transition to the westbound side of I-76 (crossover traffic), with one lane of traffic in each direction traveling in the westbound lanes.

Medina77474April 2012 September 2013 
12District 04
Trumbull Co. I-80 Resurfacing and Bridges

Resurfacing and bridge replacement project along I-80 from SR 193 to Shady Rd. This project will include resurfacing of I-80 and some bridge repairs. Traffic will be maintained on I-80.

Trumbull76359November 2010August 2012
9District 03
Lorain Co. I-90 Bridge Replacements

Replacement of twin structures on Interstate 90 in Lorain County over the Black River and Ford Rd.  The project will include deck and superstructure replacement, bridge deck widening to maintain two lanes, replacement and widening of pier abutments, pavement replacement between the two structures.  The project will also include paving Ford Rd. from the project limits to Gulf Rd. Two lanes of traffic will be maintained in each direction.  Lane width will be eleven feet.

Lorain25734March 2012 October 2013 
10District 04
Ashtabula Co. I-90 Reconstruction

Reconstruction of I-90 from the Pennsylvania state line to just east of SR 193, roughly six miles of pavement. During this project, two lane of traffic will be maintained on I-90 east and west, but we will be using the contraflow traffic pattern. Project also includes six bridge reconstructions.

Ashtabula25869September 2011November 2013
34District 12
I-90 New WB Innerbelt Bridge

Construction of a New Westbound Bridge in downtown Cleveland. I-90 remains open; however, multiple ramps along the downtown corridor are closed or restricted as crews work to construct a new westbound I-90 Innerbelt Bridge. Visit www.Innerbelt.org  for more information.  The new bridge is expected to be open to traffic during the fall of 2013 with minor operations continuing through the winter. Visit: http://www.innerbelt.org/ for more info!

Cuyahoga85531Design Build Awarded: September 2010; Construction Began: March 2011December 2013
17District 06
I-71/670 Columbus Crossroads - Phase I

Two lanes maintained on I-71 and I-670 throughout the 1.7 mile construction zone. Access to the airport is not impacted. The reduced speed of 45 mph is strictly enforced. Any interstate closures are during overnights and weekends and prior notification is given.

More info at: http://www.ODOT71670.org

Franklin77369September 2011November 2014
15District 05
SR 158/I-70 Interchange Upgrade

Bridge replacement and road widening.  Entrance and exit ramp closures will take place on alternating ramps for 14 - 21 day periods of time.  SR 158 will close at points north and south of the interchange to allow for widening and culvert replacement.  Traffic will be maintained from the interstate to businesses on the south side of the interchange at all times; however, traffic will be restricted to one lane southbound over I-70 during the first phase of construction.  Short duration closures will take place on I-70 during bridge demolition & construction activities.  Resurfacing of I-70 in the area of the interchange will be performed at night with one lane maintained in each direction at all times.​

Licking84700May 2012 October 2013
13District 05
Interchange/Intersection Upgrade, SR 16 at Cedar St. & Buena Vista

SR 16 at the Cedar St. & Buena Vista exits: Interchange/Intersection upgrade including signal installation and bridge deck replacements. One lane of traffic will be maintained in both eastbound & westbound directions, with intermittent ramp closures.  Construction will close the bike trail during the bridge deck replacement over Ohio Central Railroad/Bike Trail, the date for which will be announced.
More info at: http://www.dot.state.oh.us/districts/

Licking82757  December 2011October 2013
35District 12
Lake Co, SR 2 Modernization

Phases III and V remain of the Lake 2 Modernization project which increases capacity by adding a lane and replacing all existing pavement. Phase III is on SR 2 between SR 306/Newell Creek and SR 44. Phase V is on SR 2 between Newell St. and the Grand River. More info at: http://www.buckeyetraffic.org/lake2

Lake79545 &  87924Ph III: July 2010; Ph V: April 2011 Ph III: October 2012; Ph V: June 2012 
28District 09
SR 32 Resurfacing

Three separate resurfacing projects and a preventive maintenance (overlay) project in three counties that are scheduled to be completed during the 2012 season. 

  • Adams-32 – Between the Adams-Brown County line and S.R. 247 at Seaman;
  •  Brown-32 – Between C.R. 76 (Purdy Rd.) near Sardinia and T.R. 171 (Freeh Rd.);
  • Pike-32 – Between the route’s junction with S.R. 104 and S.R. 220.
  • Pike-32 – Between C.R. 87 (Goff Rd.) and T.R. 338 (Gleason Rd.)
Adams, Brown, Pike75448, 75450, 76457, and 79973 variousduring the 2012 season
31District 10
Morgan Co. SR 607 Realignment

SR 607 will be realigned. The second phase of the project, once the realignment project is complete, includes resurfacing slated for both ends of the new SR 607 (0.7 miles on SR 60 end and 0.4 miles on SR 78 end).  There will be a 120 day closure beginning in July 2012.

Morgan80328April 2012 July 2013
30District 10
Old Man’s Cave SR 664 Realignment

Realignment of SR 664 adjacent to Hocking Hills State Park.  There will be various lane restrictions for the duration of the project ; however, traffic will be maintained.​

Hocking85123September 2011October 2012
33District 11
Jefferson Co. SR 7 Landslide Repair

Landslide repair at Rush Run.

Jefferson81015June 2012July 2013
25District 09
Ironton-Russell Bridge Replacement

A project to replace the existing bridge across the Ohio River between Ironton, Ohio and Russell, Kentucky. Built on a new alignment, the structure will be a two-tower, cable-stayed bridge that will touchdown at Second and Jefferson streets in downtown Ironton and at the U.S. 23 viaduct just south (east) of Russell.

Lawrence81595March 2012November 2016
27District 09
Ross Co. U.S. 23 Resurfacing

A four-lane resurfacing project on U.S. Route 23 between the Three Locks Rd./S.R. 104 exit and the Scioto River Bridge, just north of the Main St. exit at Chillicothe.​

Ross76477May 2012 November 2012
2District 01
U.S. 30 Resurfacing

Resurfacing of U.S. 30 from SR 65 to Napoleon Rd. Begin: June 2012 Complete: October 2012

Allen75518June 2012 October 2012
29District 10
Nelsonville Bypass - Phases II and III

8.43 miles of major new construction on U.S. 33 between Haydenville and Doanville.  Traffic will be restricted at eastern and western interchanges.

For more details, visit:  http://www.dot.state.oh.us/districts/D10/

Athens, Hocking23846 and 79577September 2009  Phase II- November 2012; Phase III: October 2013.
26District 09
Jackson Co. U.S. 35 Resurfacing

A four-lane resurfacing project on U.S. Route 35, between C.R. 41 (Dixon Run Rd.) and the Jackson-Gallia County line.​

87807April 2012November 2012 
24District 08
Waldvogel Viaduct and Sixth Street Expressway Improvement

Removal of existing Waldvogel Memorial Viaduct, including four ramps to Elberon and Warsaw Avenues. Replacement of structures for the four ramps to Elberon and Warsaw and replacement of structures for the connection to the Sixth Street Expressway. Removal and replacement of roadways for the required portions of River Road, Elberon Avenue, Warsaw Avenue, State Avenue, Evans Street and Maryland Avenue. One lane of traffic maintained in each direction.

Hamilton20082July 2011Oct. 2014