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Ohio County
collapse ODOT District : District 01 ‎(3)
Interstate 75 from the Auglaize County line to just north of State Route 81
Reconstruction of the existing two lanes of pavement, replacement of all mainline and overhead bridges and reconstruction of the interchanges at Breese Rd., SR 65, Fourth St., SR 117/309 and SR 81. Two lanes of traffic on I-75 maintained in each direction.
For more, visit www.odotlima75.org; or www.facebook.com/ODOTLima75
I-75AllenMarch 2013October 2016$132 million60
U.S. Route 224 interchange with Interstate 75
Interchange reconstruction includes replacing and widening the bridge, adding dedicated turn lanes for entrance to I-75, reconstructing all ramps and adding a sidewalk on the south side of the bridge. Part-width construction allows traffic to be maintained on U.S. 224 throughout the majority of the project.
US 224; I-75HancockFebruary 2014October 2014$10.6 million61
Interstate 75
Repair of joints and deteriorated sections of pavement from SR 235 to SR15/U.S.68.
Interstate 75HancockMay 2014October 2014$792,00062
collapse ODOT District : District 02 ‎(6)
Interstate 75 Widening
Widen both directions of I-75 to three lanes from Findlay to Perrysburg.  Total of four projects measuring a distance of 31.6 miles
I-75Hancock, WoodJune-2013November-2016$260 million66
Interstate 75 Pavement Reconstruction
Reconstruct over 3 miles of pavement from Dorr Street to Central Ave. in downtown Toledo
I-75LucasJune-2013July-2016$28 million67
Anthony Wayne Bridge Reconstruction
The Anthony Wayne Bridge (SR 2) over the Maumee River in Downtown Toledo is closed through September 2015 for bridge reconstruction.  Work includes re-decking the bridge, replacing existing truss spans, substructure improvements, new street lighting and rebuilding sidewalks, railings and fencing. Click here for more info.
SR 2LucasOctober-2013December-2015$28 million68
McCord Rd. Railroad Grade Separation
Build an underpass at the Norfolk Southern railroad, construct a roundabout at the intersection of McCord Rd. and North Mall Drive/Hill St.
McCord Rd.LucasJune-2014November-2016$18 million69
Interstate 475 Bridge Widening
Replace and widen three bridges on I-475.  Bridges are located on I-475 over Wolf Creek, Norfolk Southern Railroad tracks and Angola Rd.
I-475LucasJune-2014November-2015$17 million70
Interstate 475/U.S. Route 23 Safety Improvements
Safety project to improve movements at the I-475/U.S. 23 systems interchange, including adding through lanes from southbound U.S. 23 to I-475 and correcting weave movement from eastbound I-475 to southbound U.S. 23 and Central Ave.
I-475/US 23LucasJuly-2014November-2015$14 million71
collapse ODOT District : District 03 ‎(4)
State Route 57 Major Rehabilitation
Widening and rehabilitation of SR 57 between the Ohio Turnpike and I-90 in the city of Elyria. The project will also include reconfiguration of the SR 57 and I-90 interchange and removal of the 49th St. bridge. Two lanes will be maintained on SR 57 during construction; however, 49th St. will be closed indefinitely. Midway Mall Blvd. and Griswold Rd. will be closed during construction. Click here for more info.
SR 57LorainMay-2014Summer 2016$22.4 million72
U.S. Route 250 and Strub Rd. Intersection Improvement
Reconstruction of the U.S. 250 and Strub Rd. intersection in Perkins Twp. The project will widen and improve the intersection with curbs, sidewalks, traffic signal upgrades and traffic control signage. This project is a precursor to the U.S. 250 TRAC project and will attract a lot of attention as U.S. 250 is the main gateway to the Lake Erie Shores & Islands area in the summer months.   Lane closures should be expected on U.S. 250 and a 30-day detour on the west leg of Strub Rd. will be in effect for a portion of the construction. Click here for more info.
US 250 and Strub Rd.ErieApril-2014October-2014$1.6 million73
State Route 58 Railroad Grade Separation
Railroad grade separation project on SR 58 in the village of Wellington, just north of SR 18. The project will construct an underpass at the CSX railroad tracks on a new roadway alignment. SR 18 will be closed for two weeks later in the summer, and SR 58 will require a 30-day closure.  Click here for more info.
SR 58LorainApril-2013October-2014$12.3 million74
State Route 611 and Interstate 90 Bridge Rehabilitation
The project includes widening and rehabilitation of the existing SR 611 bridge over I-90 in the City of Avon. The project includes widening for a bike lane and sidewalk on both sides, new bridge deck and resurfacing a portion of SR 611. This area has seen an extreme growth in recent years and is becoming heavily congested.  SR 611 is reduced to one lane of traffic and I-90 to two narrowed lanes in each direction.
SR 611 and I-90LorainAugust-2013June-2015$4.8 million75
collapse ODOT District : District 04 ‎(4)
Interstate 271 Pavement Replacement
Pavement replacement of I-271 from Broadview Rd. to the Ohio Turnpike. Project also includes repairs to nine bridges including two bridges over I-77, SR 303 over I-271, SR 176 over I-271, Brecksville Rd. over I-271 and various ramps at the I-77/I-271 interchange. Work to be performed in 2014 will include the reconstruction of I-271 from just east of I-77 to the Ohio Turnpike and the replacement of three overhead bridges, Broadview Rd., Brecksville Rd., and SR 303 over I-271.
I- 271SummitOctober-2013November-2015$46.7 million76
Interstate 271 Widening
Widening of I-271 from just north of SR 8 to the Cuyahoga County line. Project also includes the widening of four bridges on I-271. This is the first turnpike funded project in District 4 and part of the Jobs and Transportation Plan.
I-271SummitSeptember-2014October-2016$57 million77
Interstate 90 Pavement Replacement
Pavement replacement on I-90 from just east of Clay St. to the Penn Central Railroad. This project also includes modifications to the SR 11 and I-90 interchange, as well as bridge rehabilitations to two bridges on I-90 and five overhead bridges. Work completed in 2013 included the reconstruction of I-90 westbound from just west of SR 45 to Chapel Rd., the replacement of the State Rd. bridge over I-90 and the replacement of the SR 11 southbound bridge over I-90. Work to be performed in 2014 includes the replacement of I-90 eastbound from SR 45 to Chapel Rd., the replacement of the Chapel Rd. bridge over I-90 and the replacement of the SR 11 northbound bridge over I-90.
I-90AshtabulaFebruary-2013October-2013$68 million78
U.S. Route 224 Bridge Replacement
Replacement and widening of two bridges on U.S. 224 over I-680 and over Yellow Creek just east of I-680. This project also includes the realigning of the I-680 southbound exit ramp to U.S. 224 and the addition of a signalized intersection. In addition the realignment of the entrance ramp from U.S. 224 to I-680 north will also occur. Work performed in 2013 included all ramp reconfigurations, and the replacement of the culvert on U.S. 224, just east of I-680. Work to be performed in 2014 includes the widening of the U.S. 224 bridge over I-680 and the resurfacing of U.S. 224 from Audubon Rd. to Tiffany Blvd.
US 224MahoningJuly-2013October-2013$5.4 million79
collapse ODOT District : District 05 ‎(6)
Interstate 70 Bridges at Canal Road
Replace and widen existing structures on I-70 over Canal Rd., located two miles west of the SR 79 interchange. Two lanes of traffic will be maintained at all times, eastbound traffic will experience a slight shift 
II-70LickingMarch-2013November-2014$10.5 million80
SR 16 Resurfacing
Just over 10 miles of SR 16 will be resurfaced from just east of Newark corp. limit to the Muskingum Co. line.
SR 16LickingMay-2014October-2014$7.7 million81
I-70 Mine Subsidence east of Zanesville
Just east of Zanesville on I-70 at the SR 93/I-70 interchange and continuing East to a point shortly before the Airport Rd. exit. This project consists of drilling boreholes down into existing mine works and filling these underground voids with grout along the interstate for rehabilitation purposes of an existing mine subsidence and prevention of any future subsidence. Construction will require a significant shift in traffic with the use of a cross-over pattern, in each direction, at separate times.
I-70MuskingumAugust-2014November-2015$8.1 million82
State Route 37 resurfacing
Resurfacing of almost 12 miles of SR 37 from the Delaware County line through Johnsontown to SR 161
SR 37LickingMay-2014September-2014$4.5 million83
U.S. Route 62 resurfacing
Resurfacing 23 miles of US 62 through Knox County from the Licking County line to the Holmes County line
US 62KnoxMay-2014October-2014$4.7 million84
Resurfacing multiple routes in Lancaster
Resurfacing of major routes through downtown Lancaster including U.S. 22, SR 37, SR 158, and SR 188.
multiple routesFairfieldSeptember-2013July-2014$7.5 million85
collapse ODOT District : District 06 ‎(7)
Mound Street Connector Project
Construct new bridge ramp from I-70 west to Mound St. Improvements on Mound St. from Washington Ave. to 4th St. Replace 18th St. bridge over I-70.
Click here for more info.
Mound StFranklinSeptember-2013September-2014$27 million86
The North Side Fix
Widen U.S. 23 from four to six lanes from I-270 to Lazelle Rd. Construct two northbound express lanes on U.S. 23, north of I-270. Reconfigure the ramps at I-270/U.S. 23 interchange.
Click here for more info.
I-270; US 23FranklinSeptember-2013June-2016$71 million87
I-71 Widening
Adding third lane on I-71 from just north of Berkshire Rd. to the Morrow County line.
I-71Delaware, MorrowSeptember-2012October-2014$50 million88
Pickaway East-West Connector Project 1
Widen and relocate Duvall Rd. to three lanes, including a bridge over the railroad between U.S. 23 and Ashville Pike.
Click here for more info.
US 23 Duvall RdPickawaySeptember-2012October-2014$10.8 million89
Pickaway East-West Connector Project 2
Widen and construct roundabouts on Ashville Pike between Duvall Rd. and Rickenbacker Pkwy.
Click here for more info.
Ashville PikePickawayAugust-2013October-2014$6.5 million90
I-270 South Side Widening
Widen I-270 between I-71 and U.S. 23 in southern Franklin County.
I-270FranklinAugust-2013September-2014$25 million91
Cleveland Avenue Bridge Replacement
Replace Cleveland Ave. (SR 710) bridge over I-270. Realign and relocate ramp at Cleveland Ave. and I-270.
Cleveland AveFranklinJune-2014September-2015$9.4 million92
collapse ODOT District : District 07 ‎(4)
Interstate 70 Lane Addition
This project will add a third lane both east and west on I-70 between Enon Rd. and U.S. 68.
I-70ClarkMarch-2014October-2015$17.5 million93
Interstate 70 Lane Addition
This project will widen I-70 and create three lanes east and west between Englewood and Airport Access Rd.
I-70MontgomeryMay-2014July-2017$50 million94
Interstate 75 Pavement Striping
This project will strip the asphalt and reconstruct the pavement on I-75 north and south with all new asphalt between CR 25A in Piqua and SR 29 near Sidney.
I-75Miami, ShelbyJuly-2014October-2015$21 million95
Interstate 75 Modernization
This project will create three continuous lanes on I-75 north and south through downtown Dayton. It will also eliminate left hand entrances and exits by creating one centralized ramp for downtown Dayton. Click here for more info.
I-75MontgomeryFall 2012September-2017$125.5 million96
collapse ODOT District : District 08 ‎(4)
Interstate 71/MLK interchange
Construction of new interchange at I-71 and Martin Luther King Drive. More info at: www.uptownaccessstudy.com
I-71HamiltonJuly-2014July-2016$90 million97
Interstate 275/State Route 32 Interchange Reconstruction
Reconstruction of I-275/SR 32 interchange to add lanes and eliminate access point conflicts to improve safety and traffic flow on SR 32 and the I-275/SR 32 and Eastgate Blvd. interchanges.  Click here for more info.
I-275.SR 32ClermontJuly-2013October-2015$31.9 million98
Interstate 71/Fields Ertel Interchange Upgrade
Construction of a loop ramp to relieve congestion at the Fields Ertel/Montgomery-Mason intersection. Click here for more info.
I-71Hamilton, WarrenMarch-2014October-2015$7.4 million99
Interstate 75/Mitchell Avenue Interchange Reconstruction
Reconstruction of 1.2 miles of I-75 including the replacement of structures over Clifton Avenue and Mitchell Avenue. Improvements to Mitchell Avenue and adjacent interchange. Click here for more info.
I-75HamiltonJune-2011September-2014$54.6 million100
collapse ODOT District : District 09 ‎(2)
Keystone Furnace Grade Separation
Construction of a separated grade intersection on C.R. 9 (Keystone Furnace Rd.) over U.S. 35 at Jackson with a jug handle type grade separation.
Keystone FurnaceJacksonMay-2014July-2015$4.86 million101
Mt. Orab Turn Lane Addition
A design-build project to add left-turn lanes on U.S. 68 at both SR 32 on-ramp, as well as a right-turn lane on the SR 32 East off-ramp to U.S. 68.
Mr. OrabBrownApril-2014September-2014$1.82 million102
collapse ODOT District : District 10 ‎(3)
State Route 7 Paving
Seven individual projects focusing on paving 30 miles of SR 7, including bridges, from Willow Island to Clarington.   
SR 7Monroe, WashingtonApril-2014October-2014$10 million103
State Route 7/Greene St. Intersection Improvement
Intersection improvement and realignment at junction of Pike St. /Greene St. /7th St. For more info, visit the City of Marietta's Project Site
SR 7WashingtonMay-2014November-2014$3 million104
Meigs County Road 124 and Monroe County Road 68 Bridge Replacements
Part of $16 million statewide Local Bridge Program to replace structurally deficient bridges. 
Meigs CR 124 and  Monroe CR 68Meigs, MonroeJune-2014November-2014$850,000105
collapse ODOT District : District 11 ‎(8)
Interstate 70 Bridge Replacement at State Route 9 Interchange
Rehabilitating the I-70 bridge over SR 9, lengthening the westbound I-70 on-ramp from SR 9, and replacing the bridge that carries I-70 over the National Road Bikeway and Chambers Run
I-70BelmontMarch-2013August-2014$9.6 million106
Interstate 70 Pavement Rehabilitation and Resurfacing
Three miles of I-70 will be repaired and resurfaced from Bridgeport west. Work will include resurfacing, full depth repairs, guardrail, concrete median reconstruction, and pavement markings.
I-70BelmontMarch-2014October-2014$5.9 million107
County Route Bridge Repairs over Interstate 70
Two projects approximately five miles apart – CR 26 about a mile west of Exit 208 (SR 149) and CR 80 about a mile west of the SR 331 Exit.
I-70BelmontMarch-2014July-2014$2.5 million108
Interstate 70 Bridge Deck Replacement, Bridge Rehab, and Bridge Removal
Two projects including six structures – two located almost four miles west of SR 800 and just east of the Guernsey Co. line, and four located just east of SR 800 and Hendrysburg.
I-70BelmontApril-2014October 2014/May 2016$8.6 million109
State Route 7 Slide/Slope Repairs
Three projects within five miles – SR 7 has been reduced to one lane due to rock slides on both sides of Brilliant since 2011.
SR 7JeffersonSeptember-2012July-2016$73 million110
Interstate 77 Bridge Removal over Abandoned Railroad
About one mile north of the CR 80 Exit in Dover Twp.
I-77TuscarawasJune-2014November-2015$4.5 million111
State Route 39 (West High Ave.) Safety Improvement/Widening in New Philadelphia
Widening from the railroad tracks to 7th St.
SR 39TuscarawasJune-2014June-2015$2 million112
Interstate 77 Preventive Maintenance Resurfacing
About 3.5 miles both north and south of U.S. 36/Newcomerstown (Exit 65).
I-77TuscarawasMay-2014July-2014$1.7 million113
collapse ODOT District : District 12 ‎(7)
Interstate 77
Replace the I-77 bridge deck and parapets over the Cuyahoga River, Canal Rd., SR 17 and the Ohio Canal in the cities of Independence and village of Cuyahoga Heights. Click here for more info.
I-77CuyahogaJune-2013June-2017$27.3 million114
Interstate 90 Westbound George V. Voinovich Bridge
The new George V. Voinovich Bridge - the first of two- is now open to two-way traffic.  Bridge painting, lighting and minor operations remain.
More at: www.innerbelt.org
I-90CuyahogaMarch-2011October-2014$287.4 million115
Interstate 90 Eastbound Bridge
Demolition of the current Innerbelt Bridge and construction of the new I-90 eastbound bridge over the Cuyahoga River Valley that will eventually carry five lanes of eastbound traffic.  The eastbound bridge is expected to be open to traffic during the fall of 2016.
More at: www.innerbelt.org
I-90CuyahogaNovember-2013June-2017$243.5 million116
Eddy Rd.
Replace the Eddy Rd. Bridge deck over I-90 in the city of Cleveland.
Eddy RdCuyahogaSeptember-2013October-2015$11.9 million117
West 73rd St.
West 73rd St. extension under the Norfolk Southern Railroad along SR 2 to connect with Edgewater Park in the city of Cleveland.
W. 73Rd StCuyahogaJuly-2013November-2015$21 million118
Interstate 90
Major rehabilitation of I-90 between Morley Rd. and Paine Rd., including work on 10 mainline bridges in Concord and LeRoy townships.
I-90LakeJanuary-2012August-2014$59.6 million119
U.S. Route 422
Major rehabilitation of U.S. 422 between SR 306 and SR 44, including replacing the U.S. 422 eastbound exit and westbound entrance ramps to SR 44, in Bainbridge and Auburn townships.
US 422GeaugaApril-2014July-2016$19.1 million120