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ODOT Budget Forecast
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ODOT 2019 Construction Season Highlights
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Ohio’s 3rd Annual Civil Rights Transportation Symposium
Beyond Diversity: Creating Access and Equity in a Connected World
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To provide easy movement of people and goods from place to place, we will:
     • Take care of what we have      • Make our system work better      • Improve safety      • Enhance capacity
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DriveOhio is as a one-stop shop for researchers, developers and manufacturers to collaborate on autonomous and connected vehicle initiatives in Ohio. Visit drive.ohio.gov to find out more...
Ohio's Move Over Law requires motorists to cautiously shift over one lane —
or slow down if changing lanes is not possible —
when passing any vehicle with flashing lights on the side of a road.​
Visit MoveOver.Ohio.Gov for more details.
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ODOT has over 5,000 men and women working across the state
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