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About the Ohio Department of Transportation

The Ohio Department of Transportation provides and maintains highways, passenger and freight rail systems, bikeways, aviation, waterways, and port facilities for transporting people and goods throughout the state of Ohio. Working with federal and local governments, the department is charged with maintaining more than 130,000 miles of Ohio highway and planning, designing and constructing new transportation systems fostering economic growth and personal travel.
Employing approximately 5,000 professionals, ODOT is one of Ohio’s largest and most respected state agencies and is Ohio's premier Civil Engineering governmental agency. Central Office, which is located in Columbus, interfaces with each of the 12 ODOT districts throughout the state to coordinate and implement Ohio’s transportation plan. The department also maintains a fully staffed and equipped facility in each county responsible for the construction and maintenance of all state highway bridges and roads. 
Approximately ten percent of the agency’s employees are engineers. Therefore, ODOT sets high standards for the recruitment and retention of quality engineering graduates and invests in a

ODOT's Mission Statement

To provide easy movement of people and goods from place to place. We will:

  • Take care of what we have
  • Make our system work better
  • Improve Safety
  • Enhance Capacity
For more on ODOT, visit the department's   Strategic Plan Site


well-balanced introductory phase of employment to effectively train this crucial workforce element. ODOT established the Transportation Civil Engineering (TCE) Program to provide entry-level engineering applicants a thorough introduction to the department’s core engineering disciplines; Planning & Engineering, Construction and Highway Maintenance.
Your career development and career goals are important to ODOT. The TCE program remains educational in scope taking into consideration your cumulative experience and engineering interests while developing a supervised training plan. ODOT is second to none in training which places its employees always current with the new ideas for tomorrow's future.