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ODOT's Transportation Civil Engineering (TCE) Program 

Looking for a Career Opportunity?
Looking to gain the experience needed to obtain your Professional Engineering License?

Imagine building and maintaining a world class transportation system that carries millions of motorists and billions of dollars worth of freight every day.  Imagine planning the next big project that will enhance the state's transportation system or designing a new bridge or roadway that will one day have a huge economic impact.  That is what a career in engineering is like at The Ohio Department of Transportation, the state's premier Civil Engineering governmental agency.  A Civil Engineering career at ODOT means endless opportunities in our Planning & Engineering, Construction and Highway Management Departments which help construct, maintain and expand our current transportation system in Ohio.  Being selected for the TCE program will give you a thorough introduction to the three (3) core Civil EnInnerbeltAerial.jpggineering disciplines while working along side of a Professional Engineer who will work with you to provide you the utmost training and experience you need to further your career as an Engineer with ODOT. By passing down their knowledge through a balance of continued education and hands-on transportation experience, all TCE’s mature professionally and gain experience needed to ensure the ability to take  the Professional Engineering Certification exam. Each year, TCE employment opportunities are available throughout the 12 districts and Central Office offering a varying degree of projects in appealing geographic locations.  Upon completion of the 12 month program, a TCE who has obtained their Fundamentals of Engineering certification will be promoted to the next level in the Transportation Engineer series. 


  • Candidates must be eligible to work in the United States for purposes other than practical training (Sponsorship for an employment visa is not currently available for this program)
  • All candidates must be enrolled in an ABET accredited University and seeking a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering.  Candidates must be in their Senior Year of college and graduating in December of 2016 or prior to July 2017 OR have already obtained their BS in Engineering from an ABET accredited University
  • All applicants must agree to register to take the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam administered by the Ohio Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Surveyors in their Senior year of college OR within the probationary period as an employee with ODOT (the probationary period is the first 12 months of employment)
  • Previous Engineering experience is highly encouraged and considered in the selection process

Visit the Minimum Qualifications "Quick Link" on the left, OR click here, for full details.



  • Full-Time Employment Opportunity
  • Health, Dental and Vision Insurance
  • Training Opportunities
  • Vacation, Sick and Personal Leave

For a full listing and explanation of benefits, click here OR on the Benefits "Quick Link" on the left.






◊ Traffic Studies

◊ Reviews and Designs lighting and sign placement

◊ Maintenance and Management

◊ Interface with County operational activities

◊ Bridge Maintenance

◊ Inspections



CADD Design◊ Roadway Safety and Mobility

◊ Geotechnical Engineering

◊ Urban and Corridor planning

◊ Research and Development

◊ Districts Work Plan requirements

◊ ODOT funding requirements

◊ Project Purpose and need reports

◊ Programming functions

◊ Liaison with local political agencies

◊ Environmental requirements for projects

◊ Bridge Inspection and inventory functions

• BR-86 (inspection) processing

• BR-87 (inventory) processing

◊ BARS Bridge rating, Bridge Hydraulic studies, Superload & overload permit function, Bridge maintenance methods

◊ Traffic Studies

• Processing traffic counts

• Maintenance of Traffic in Work Zone studies

• Synchro Analysis

• Querwz-92 Analysis

• Signal Warrant Analysis

• Accident Studies

• Speed Warrant Analysis

• Parking Zone Analysis

• Signal Design

◊ Design Team Assignment (Will be assigned to an active project)

• Hydraulics

• Pavement Design

• Structural Design

• Right of Way

• Acquisitions

• General Roadway Design using LSD Manuals based on AASHTO criteria

• Plan Review

• Surveying



◊ Materials Management and testing

◊ Contractor Compliance

◊ Supervision of Projects

◊ Plan and Design approvals

◊ Overall Contract Administration process

◊ EIMS Procedures

◊ Familiarize themselves with ODOT Construction Manuals and Procedures

◊ Change Order Process

◊ Audit Process

◊ District Construction Office Processes

◊ Construction Materials testing Process