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How do I log on to change my password for my DOT number
YesRhonda Pricetete62rn@yahoo.com
Does the new guidelines for email signatures apply when using a cell phone?  I have the Outlook app on my personal phone that I have used in the past to reply to emails if I am not at my computer and the email needs addressed and can't wait until I am back at my desk. I want to make sure that I am not doing something that I should not be doing.
YesChris Yount740-323-5137
  Is there a place to find a list or database of all the memorial highway signs for  fallen soldiers and police officers.
Thank You
YesRich Plebanrpleban@gmail.com
Is there a specific Powerpoint we must use for presentations now?
NoJeffrey Houssami6144666438
Currently, on title sheets of highway plans that we produce in-house, we use a Zephyr-ish logo that has the outline of our counties behind the swishes inside the zephyr, that also has some verbage within the outside ring, kind of like the ODOT Seal.  I know, based on the new guidelines, neither of these is appropriate now.  I was thinking of using the wordmark with "District 3 Planning and Engineering" under it like you have for OSE and the like in the branding publication.  That said, I have no way to know what font to use for any of the text or what size to make anything based on your branding guidelines.  Could you please provide me with the text font, and what the dimensions of the wordmark overall would be, along with dimensions of the individual components, like the zephyr within it and the spacings?  Thank you in advance.
YesKenny Knappkenneth.knapp@dot.state.oh.us
I work for ODOT in Clermont county and I would like to put the ODOT symbol on a cup and was wondering if that would be ok? I am proud of where I work and would like to have the symbol on a cup.
YesLarry Scottlarry.scott@dot.ohio.gov or 513-405-3434

We do a lot of environmental compliance work for ODOT and are wondering if we can use your logo on two of our cut sheets? They will be digital and print.

Thank you!
YesJamie Sheltonjshelton@enviroscienceinc.com
I am wondering if the ODOT logo is allowed to be used on company literature when advertising that the firm is "ODOT Prequalified"? 
YesMatt Haselmhasel@adaptiveeng.com
Typically we provide a table of contents in the reports. I don't see a table of contents in your sample templates. Should we not be providing a table of contents?
YesRyan Smithrsmith@elrobinson.com
I am looking for the blue book values from equipment watch.
I was considering using the Seal for the cover of a public meeting handout. I also plan on using the Wordmark for the back page so I wanted a different logo for the cover. Is the Seal appropriate for the cover?
YesBrooke HeidBrooke@CluneConsult.com
Many reports are submitted in 11x17 format.  Could ODOT make an 11x17 color report template available?
NoGary Gardnerggardner@msconsultants.com