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Beam setting over Blanchard River to affect I-75 traffic.pdf
4/12/2018 5:01 PMRhonda Pees4/12/2018
Beam setting to affect traffic, Lima Avenue set to close mid October.pdf
10/3/2018 9:37 AMRhonda Pees10/1/2018
Beam setting, bridge deck pour to restrict I-75 traffic on Tuesday through Findlay.pdf
5/21/2018 4:57 PMRhonda Pees5/21/2018
Bridge work to affect US 68 ramps on Monday.pdf
3/15/2018 5:09 PMRhonda Pees3/15/2018
Closure of state Route 15, Findlay, to occur tonight.pdf
5/2/2018 4:40 PMRhonda Pees5/2/2018
Concrete work to restrict I-75 northbound.pdf
3/18/2019 4:53 PMRhonda Pees3/18/2019
Drainage work causes lane restrictions on U.S. 68.pdf
3/13/2018 10:58 AMNicholas Buchanan3/13/2018
Flyover ramp set to open Monday.pdf
11/12/2018 10:50 AMRhonda Pees11/9/2018
I-75 northbound to switch to three lanes tomorrow.pdf
12/18/2018 4:49 PMRhonda Pees12/18/2018
I-75 project in Hancock County enters second year.pdf
1/4/2018 12:09 PMNicholas Buchanan1/4/2018
I-75 project through Findlay on pace for 2020 completion.pdf
8/8/2019 11:04 AMRhonda Pees8/8/2019
I-75 southbound to be restricted to one lane.docx
2/27/2018 4:07 PMRhonda Pees2/27/2018
I-75 switch to third lane northbound, Findlay, delayed by weather.pdf
12/14/2018 10:56 AMRhonda Pees12/14/2018
I-75 traffic switched to the southbound side in July.pdf
6/22/2018 4:37 PMRhonda Pees6/22/2018
Interstate 75 flyover exit ramp to close Sunday.pdf
10/15/2019 2:42 PMRhonda Pees10/15/2019
Interstate 75 lanes shift tonight, bridge beam setting to affect traffic next week.pdf
7/18/2018 12:58 PMNicholas Buchanan7/18/2018
Interstate 75 project reaches milestone openings, continues into its third year of construction.pdf
1/2/2019 1:39 PMNicholas Buchanan1/2/2019
Lanes on I-75 southbound to shift tonight.pdf
6/14/2019 4:52 PMRhonda Pees6/14/2019
Lima Avenue Northbound ramps to close, southbound to open.pdf
5/17/2019 3:56 PMRhonda Pees5/17/2019
Lima Avenue to close Monday for one year.pdf
10/11/2018 4:19 PMRhonda Pees10/11/2018
Logan Avenue to close for two months during final reconstruction.pdf
3/11/2019 9:58 AMNicholas Buchanan3/11/2019
Mainline lanes on Interstate 75 to be shifted early next week.pdf
7/19/2019 8:36 AMNicholas Buchanan7/19/2019
Mainline lanes on Interstate 75 to be shifted overnight.pdf
6/28/2019 9:19 AMNicholas Buchanan6/28/2019
Northbound ramps at U.S. 68 and state Route 15 and Lima Avenue to open Saturday.pdf
6/6/2019 5:02 PMRhonda Pees6/6/2019
Pavement repair to slow I-75 traffic Wednesday night, Thursday morning.pdf
2/26/2019 11:08 AMRhonda Pees2/26/2019
Paving to temporarily close ramps at Lima Avenue.pdf
11/18/2019 1:52 PMRhonda Pees11/18/2019
Southbound ramps at Lima Avenue to close Monday.pdf
4/25/2019 7:02 PMRhonda Pees4/25/2019
State Route 12 ramps set to close.pdf
8/27/2018 3:41 PMRhonda Pees8/24/2018
State Route 15, Findlay, to close tonight, this weekend for emergency pavement repair.pdf
5/1/2018 5:02 PMRhonda Pees5/1/2018
Third lane on I-75 northbound opens tomorrow.pdf
12/13/2018 4:04 PMRhonda Pees12/13/2018
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