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Urban Paving Policy - Curb Ramps

ODOT Policy No. 21-003(P), Curb Ramps Required in Resurfacing Plans states "Based on precedent setting cases and FHWA guidance, it is ODOT's policy that compliant curb ramps or curb cuts must be provided before the sale of or concurrently with the construction of any ODOT-Let or Local-Let resurfacing projects."  You may access the policy by clicking on the policy number or name.  It requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you not not have this reader, there is a link a the bottom of this page to download it for free. 

This requirement applies to resurfacing projects funded through the Urban Paving Program.  Policy No. 21-003(P) states "The cost of curb ramps outside of municipal corporations shall be funded as part of the project. The cost of curb ramps inside municipal corporations within the limits of resurfacing project should be funded by the local agency." 

Design Standards for Curb Ramps

The design standards for curb ramps are given in Section 306.3 of volume one of ODOT's Location and Design Manual.  This manual also has a discussion on where curb ramps should be installed. 


The ODOT Office of Roadway Engineering Services Roadway Standards: FAQs, Designer Information and On-line Training has links to four videos showing some of the difficulties disabled persons may have while traveling as pedestrians.  Each video is in Windows Media format.


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