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FY 2000 Strategic Initiative Six–

We will be second to none in

maintenance of traffic practices.

ODOT’s construction program is probably the single largest cause of congestion in Ohio. Most of our freeway system operates at a level of service between C and E under normal conditions. When one of our 800 annual construction projects is conducted on the freeway system, however, the level of service drops dramatically.

We are an extraordinary state in that we have the 10 th largest highway network, the fifth highest volume of traffic, the fourth largest interstate network and the second largest inventory of bridges. That means we have an extraordinary number of projects which impinge upon the operation of one of the nation’s most traveled highway networks.

Yet, we don’t always make extraordinary efforts to mitigate our effect upon maintenance of traffic. Our performance in this area is sporadic. Some projects and some districts routinely address maintenance of traffic thoroughly. Others, do not.

This initiative will be analogous to the snow and ice initiative of three years ago. Like with snow and ice, maintenance of traffic concerns are not new. However, what is new will be an increased emphasis on this issue, the adoption of best practices, the bench marking with other states and perhaps a customer feedback system to ensure we excel in mitigating the effects of our projects on traffic flow.

This Senior Leadership Given includes:

1) Adopting minimum standards for maintenance of traffic excellence;

2) Routinize the use of accelerated contracts, incentives and disincentives to ensure the contractors have good reason to minimize disruptions;

3) Establish minimum procedures for public information campaigns for significant projects.


Go to the Traffic Management in Work Zones page for more information on this subject.


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